One step closer: House Democrats break internal impasse to adopt $3.5T budget plan #TPS
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Can anyone explain in little detail what’s gonna happen by September 27? Is that the date they are gonna have final vote on budget reconciliation to make it law or i don’t know much 
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By September 27, they agreed to have a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The progressives want the budget (with reconciliation) also pass by then otherwise they say they will vote against the bipartisan infrastructure bill. So, it is hard to tell right now if the budget will pass by then. It is just another soft deadline to make the moderates happy.
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So now senate dems sinema and manchin are pain in the butt
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Indeed. But the senate parliamentarian is the real issue that still is outstanding. Manchin supports immigration provisions in the budget bill, but both Manchin and Sinema are skeptical of 3.5 trillion tag. They might bring it down a little but at the end, I believe the budget will pass. Will TPS to residency survive or not now depends on the parliamentarian.
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I can see Sinema trying to be heroine and giving thumbs down during the voting. Lives of millions of people are literally in her and few others’ hand. Let’s see what happens. The anxiety is killing me already.
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@Galactus @westcoastlad oh yeah I forgot about the Elizabeth mam, so then we have 2 more paths to go, awww man!! I heard that one can override senate parliamentary but not sure who is that person. I hope other dems can negotiate with sinema and manchin as well as Elizabeth
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I read somewhere Kamala Harris .
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Yeah looks like Kamala might have that power, but could be a complicated process if we come down to overrule:::
From Wikipedia:
“ The role of the parliamentary staff is advisory, and the Presiding Officer may overrule the advice of the parliamentarian. In practice, this is rare; the most recent example of a Vice President (as President of the Senate) overruling the parliamentarian was Nelson Rockefeller in 1975.[3] That ruling was extremely controversial,[4] to such an extent that the leaders of both parties immediately met and agreed that they did not want this precedent to stand, so the next week the Senate altered the rule under consideration via standard procedure.“
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yoo, I know Republicans aren't gonna say yes for 3.5T but is it possible to grab the 2-3 votes from republicans if schumer or durbin can convience, to make it 50 if Sinema and Manchin say no? cuz I heard that there are republicans who want to pass the 3.5T, or does it requires 50 but only democrats votes?
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The main hurdle is 9 moderate Democrats and macdonough. Manchon and sinema ain’t against immigration provision. Man chin has been ready since 2013. I am not sure how Nancy would persuade these other moderators. According to Bernie it shouldn’t that hard to get approval from macdonough. I also think that amnesty will not be included in the bill .
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i am guessing our main issue is macdonough giving approval, if we get approval, I think somehow they will convince sinema and machin. it might not be 3.5 T may be less than that 2.9, 2.0, 3,2 -- those 2 suckers are corporate democrats, some corporates are feeding sinema with $$$$ to stop passing 3.5T, i heard that she received $500k from a pharmaceutical company!!

Does anyone know when Elizabeth McDonough will decide on immigration?

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Any chance of redesignation?
Tesla guy
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Adhikaar and some other Nepalese org have requested homeland to redesignate it . I think they will do it . Not sure though
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So much uncertainty too much anxiety
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@himalpedi one of the sajha member said that they might redesignate on September 4, adhikaar had a meeting on clubhouse. I hope that’s true
Tesla guy
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According to adhikaar , enepalese , khasi khas, .. redesignation is 100%. They have worked hard to put that official letter on dhs table . Jay adhikaar Jay enepalsee. Hunu pani parcha ... Yasto pandemic Ko samay haami sabai nepalee haru le sahayog garekai haum yee khairya baan harulai. Yaha hunay jati sab le gareka chaan afno tarika le ...
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