Nepali guards in Afghanistan
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I used to get offended when a hindi movie used to make fun of "Nepali night watchman bahadur". But after finding out that there were Nepali guards working in Afghanistan for US embassies and other places, I feel proud of them. They must be really good at what they do. They have been getting hired everywhere - India, England, Singapore, Dubai and even Afghanistan. Go Gurkhas! ⚔️
Pritush Maharjan
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Guard bhanda soldier hire garya bhae Ahile taliban Kabul ma ni hunna Tyo hola .
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Absolutely Prithus!

Pentagon said "you can't buy will power" amid Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, but didn't they knew Afghan government could have hired "Gurkhas" to increase the will power. 😎
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Tesla guy
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So, Nepalese ppl working at American embassy in kabul are bir gorkhali huh. They ain’t bir gorkhali’s . They are called security guards paaaley . every human beings are good at what they do. Btw yasma proud hunu parnay k cha ??
Pritush Maharjan
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But tbh you can form a government in one day not the army . They ain’t taking the lesson .
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Agreed with Tesla Guy. What’s there to be proud of as Nepalis? It’s no more honorable that being bouncer in dance clubs. It’s a honest day’s work I’ll give you that.
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Harke are you from lahure family?
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What will happen to their lives after American Embassy is fully closed? Who will help them to flee out of Afghanistan?
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Some people are proud that their nepalese brothers and sisters have to leave their country to work elsewhere risking their lives. Thukka nepali haru ko buddhi.
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@ bobby_brown No, but I have lot of respect for those guys. Those "lahures" are a part of the armed forces that have played a role in maintaining peace in n the whole world.

@logan Allah? Allah helps everyone.

@hurray It is not a choice. People are leaving their country because they don't have job opportunities in Nepal. However, we don't have to feel bad. Europeans did that 300 years ago.
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Really Harkeji, you believe Allah will help the Afghans? If that was the case why are they suffering from 1982 till now? One war after another.

Girls who have not yet reached puberty are married off to older men. No schools for girls older than 12. Women cannot work, have jobs. They will be like properties of their husbands.

And what happens to people of Hazara community?

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It is a believe system, and people have their beliefs. Regarding Hazara community, I hope the new political system will be inclusive and addresses everyone's concerns.

My post was mainly corncered about Nepali "Gurkha" guards in Afghanistan. The presence of "gurkha" guards in a country like Afghanistan made me think about the bravery and courageous nature of the "gurkha" jati. They could have hired anyone for guards if it was only about money. The British didn't pick "gurkhas" for no reason. In its peak time the sun didn't set in the British empire. They had seen many people of the world. Out of the all the people in the world, they decided to hire "gurkhas" in their army. And, there is no British empire today, and Nepali "Gurkhas" are still being hired around the world only proves their bravery and courageous nature.
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This is a good story about Bir Balbhadra Kuwar who died in Afghanistan war 200 years ago. Did you know that?

If you rather watch a video about it, here is a video from Anand Nepal. He stopped posting videos in sajha anymore. 🙄
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According to this article 12 gurkha soldiers died in Afghanistan war. Their and thousands others blood shall not go in vain.
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Their and thousands others blood shall not go in vain.

- those are big lofty words. What are you gonna do to avenge their blood? Or are you just saying because it makes you feel powerful?
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No. I am saying it because I am very grateful to their sacrifices, although smaller compare to the total sacrifices made, in maintaining the world peace. Nepali blood has spilled in many parts of the world in WWI, WWII, Burma, India, Afghanistan for peace and freedom. Of which we are clearly benefactors. It is because of that freedom and peace, we can express our opinions freely here in sajha. And, I say that we need to do our part also by being strong to speak the truth that will help the humanity.

And, Nepal is one of top provider for the UN peacekeeping mission.

We need to be proud of our Nepali heritage, and do our part for the benefit of the society. 

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