Are there any Affiliate Marketer or Aspirants in here?
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Surendra Shakya
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I am looking to see if there is anyone who has experience in affiliate marketing or anyone who is looking to learn and start it? I see it as a good prospect for Nepalese to generate side income. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.
Surendra Shakya
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After checking out Clickbank, Digistore24, JVZoo, I have finally found this site that is a sure success if we put the time to it. I found out that they have a team that you can reach out to if we have any questions. I have liked it so far as I am going through the free lessons. The good thing is that they allow you to put up a page, your own store. with more than 100.000 items at a great discount. I am loving it so far, and if there is anyone who is business-minded and wants to move up with hard work, this could be a good opportunity. This is the store they made for me, take a look: The great aspect of it is that if you are a shop or service owner, then you can also become a member and then get the business.
Surendra Shakya
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Today, I learned that people can also provide services on this site like Fiverr, which is very crowded. I bought services from two people there for traffic to my commerce site. So, if you have such skills and talent that you can offer, this venue is another opportunity for your gig. I am liking this site more and more for the way they are helping people since the 1990s. Here is the link.
Surendra Shakya
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if you need some side income, have an hour you can give to build your income, then please do contact me.
Surendra Shakya
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Another great feature of this online income training I found out is that once your store sells $20 worth of profit to you, you can have a debit card of that amount. This could be a great asset for those in Nepal trying to start an entrepreneurial venture that is global in nature, needs no investment, is willing to get trained by a team.
Surendra Shakya
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If you have a shop or produce certain goods, you too can join this global forum that is helping all sorts of entrepreneurs to make it big. Your products can have a global market. Shops with their own unique products in Nepal or elsewhere can be an affiliate partner and list their goods.
Surendra Shakya
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"This is the most lucrative online business that anyone can think of. Enhance your income by doing tasks on your to-do list and watch your business grow like a tree."
O. Joshua, Nigeria
Surendra Shakya
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16 enthusiastic and counting. If your English is good, and you can work for good income, then join this as I have almost gone through the training lessons. it is well set up and take your time to learn everything. Check it out.
Surendra Shakya
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I have completed the free training classes now. There are people from 190 countries earning income since 20 years ago as a side income or main income depending on their wish. It can be the main income source too. The top 3 countries are Nigeria, Kenya, and the Philippines. Nepal could also climb the ladder and make use of this to benefit. Check it out! Aske me if you need any help. I will be guiding you.
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