Visa Refusal; request for more documents
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US embassy "refused" spouse visa to a husband of a US citizen. they asked to submit more documents at a local bank and allow 60 more days to process. anyone been thru this before? what will happen next? planning to submit the evidence this week
Bhai Raja
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Why don’t you apply Green card instead of visa.
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Its common . Me and my couple other friends had same issues. just submit the docs to bank and bank will correspond with embassy. and your spouce will be granted visa and you guys will be together forever. Best wishes for you guys ❤️❤️

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Khaikok, Techlover is right here. Its pretty common. it's probably not a "refusal" when they are asking for more information. the more important thing to do is to understand WHAT precise they want and WHY they want it. Once you know the answers to these two questions, just make sure that they give them what they need. some of the common documents that are asked of applicants are updated form I-864, an expired police report submitted earlier etc. at this stage, it is NOT very likely that there are serious problems with the issue.

I am an attorney but please do not take the above as legal advise rather a general information.

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