RIP Ujjwal Thapa - US Return Nepali politician
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Very sad ..
I am doing a video report on his life ..
How he wrote English Literature exam in cartoons -- and passed !!

Went to USA for Astrophysics studies .. went back to Nepal to start a company in designing ..

To those who are worried --- I won't be sharing video reports here ...

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Rest in peace Ujjwal Thapa. There is so much outpouring of support for him after he passed away. While he was alive everyone tried to find fault with him and doubt him. There are many people like him in Nepal who will be missed after they pass away but not given a damn when they are alive.
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Agree with you wonton. Unfortunately that is how people seem to be remembered.

One thing that always bothered me, why couldn’t Rabindra Mishra and Ujjwal Thapa overcome their differences and stay United? That would have been a slap in the face of current corrupt politicians. I am sure their differences probably were not insurmountable compared to the problems our country has.
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There were die-hard supporters (among doubters) that hasn't changed at all ....
Many of the supporters-now are supporting on human-feelings grounds.
I think, the party appealed educated/thinker types(loud voice) and failed to reach the majority of the population.

He sure has shown a possibility of an alternative.

I think .. Everything they believed before turned out to be false (they couldn't understand the people).
And leaders are bad followers ..
Also, being united or not, didn't make any difference..

General public don't understand logics.. they understand their own personal needs.. ठुला ठुला कुरा सुन्न मात्र रमाइलो, गफ गर्न मात्रै रमाइला हुन ...
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RIP त आफ्नै बुबाका कजन लाइ भन्नु पर्ने भो भने उनका दाइ पनि अस्पतालमा हुनुहुन्छ | कोरोना के हो हामि नेपालि ले भर्खरमात्र थाहा पाउदै छौ |
shahi baba
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Rest in peace. What will this mean for rabindra mishra and bibekshil party? Can they make any progress in nepali politics?
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@sahi baba
I don't see anything to be different in Bibekshil party or Rabindra Mishra's future ..
Ujjwal was a good human being but, wasn't a charismatic leader ..

For Rabindra Mishra politics is just a hobby.. just a medium to show-off his "knowledge"....

For a future leader - Corona was/is a HUGE opportunity .. it is really a SAD thing that nobody has actually shown any leadership qualities at this time.. .. Rabi Lamichhane is trying really hard (without much success, I guess)..

As for Ujjawal - I have done a little video report about his April 27 status and the May 27's last status -- and the details on how he caught COVID... (I just had a feeling: he wasn't doing the right thing)
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UK returnee Nepali politician hola ni anadji...
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