US and international media showing fake COVID devastation
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1. Media showing pictures from 2015 as covid deaths

2. Again media showing old pictures of unrelated deaths as Covid deaths

3. Few like above have been discovered. I bet there are a lot more which have not be discovered. People tend to blindly believe these media so they will not take time to double check
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Link to the articles you mentioned on your post:

Sky News:

New York Post:

I don't see them using the same picture from Sky News on New York Post article. It looks to me like you are blindly believing The Quint while blaming others for blindly believing in media.
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Let's see who is blind here. You won't believe the truth if truth came to bite you in the ass

Scroll down to the New york post link:

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I admit my mistake, but, they admitted the mistake as well. They were not blatantly lying.
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Thank you for accepting your mistake. Your accepting your mistake is great and shows your humility and character.

But their mistake is difficult to forgive because they created fake sense of fear among millions of people who viewed their news when it came out. These millions of people already saw the news so they would not go back to recheck the news to see if it gets corrected. They will actually go and tell their friends and contacts how terrible it is believing in what they saw.

So they admitted their mistake but it is hard to believe that a big media would make such blatant mistake as in using wrong pictures depicting wrong information. Their mistake proliferates the fear mongering that media has been known to do all the time so they may even have done it on purpose. They only retract these things once it's pointed out. I am sure a lot of these fake stuff do not get pointed out.

In any case, thank you for admitting your mistake. It's one person at a time that needs to be aware of these things.
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Covid is real and dangerous I have no doubt but using wrong info to make it look worse is wrong.

The effectiveness of vaccine is hard to believe

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Not surprising to me. Both are owned by Murdoch's media mafia.

VACCINES WORK. But not 100%.

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