Prabal pariyar gurung. Great job. दामै जातिको नाम राखेकोमा
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कमेंटहरु देखेर साह्रै दुख लाग्यो

.. प्रवल गुरुङ ले नेपालीहरुको नाम राखेकोमा खुशी भएर भिडियो बनाएको थिएँ .. त्यसमा आएका कमेन्टले अचम्म लाग्यो .. हामीमा भएको जातीयता कति खराव छ भन्ने ..

यो बिषयमा एउटा भिडियो बनाउन मन छ .. यो mentality को बारेमा तपाइँ के भन्नु हुन्छ ?

यस पोष्टमा आएका कमेन्ट र भिडियोमा आउने कमेन्ट जम्मा गरेर रिपोर्ट बनाउने छु - धन्यवाद !

(I will share this thread in video comment - so people can come here to comment)

Title from this comment:
comments :

I have shared the link to this thread in the video:

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I am not surprised Princess Kate Middleton wearing Prabal Gurung's outfits. It is probably personal for the royal family as well. Thousands of Gurungs have died for the crown. Thousands serve till this day. Professionally, he is a great fashion designer. It is like mangoes on both hands for the princess Kate. 😁
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I don't know if being Gurung helped Kate Middleton to choose Prabal's design or not .. but, he had been popular among Bollywood celebs for almost two decades.. and was also popular in European fashion world before he moved to USA @harke7

I want to discuss 3 aspects :
1 - Fashion designing & जातीयता - दमाइ भनेर हेप्ने
2 - Being a gay
3 - Inter-caste - his dad is Gurung and mom is Rana (यो फेरी, जातीयताकै कुरा हुन्छ कि भन्ने डर पनि छ)

and .. please vote for Dibesh (Arthur Gunn) 
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I don't say that Kate picked his designs just he being a Gurung. She definitely picked his clothes for his awesome designs. Since he is a Gurung, it could be personal for the royal family. Harry went to meet the Gurkhas in their village.

I look forward to your next video. I think Damai is not only caste, it is a profession also. I still think damai, Sarki, kami etc were technical workers of that era just like engineers today. We should cultivate the culture of respecting work. Our people put down people for working. That's why our society is behind. Work is necessary for developments.

Arthur Gunn all the way!
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Video ta purrai herna, tara Prabal Pariyar Gurung bhanne le k bhanna khjnu bhako ?
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