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Sajha is blessed to have people from all diverse backgrounds and demographics who have come together to participate in discussions impacting Nepal and Nepalese.

Please keep in mind the following as you interact within sajha.

Each and everyone in sajha are guests and one guest does not have the right to try to target other guests as long as they are following the rules of the house. Use of namecalling is not acceptable. Sajha allows originators of threads to delete responses at their discretion; threads created in retaliation to deleted responses is not acceptable.  

It is not acceptable for members to create threads solely for the purpose of personal vendetta against another user or their belief. Please maintain civility at all times. Please be tolerant of others' right to their opinions.

Thesedays beliefs are centered upon one's own circle of influence and education. People in villages or from different cultures may come predisposed with their own cultural ideas and beliefs. 

In sajha everyone is free to express their opinions without some self appointed police of morality going after them. 

What is regarded as conspiracy one day can be and has been proven to be reality in many cases in the past. What one believes as science one day can be proved to be faulty information the other day. Many medicines which were once approved by fda have been recalled due to adverse effects and death. So there is no absolute that we can take for granted. There are too many variables involved and sajha will allow people of all faith to share their opinions. Most media companies have closed their doors to differing perspectives but sajha will allow different perspective as viewers are free to use their own discretion. Sajha does not support one ideology vs the other, but sajha supports the right of individuals to express their ideology in a respectful and tolerant manner. People are free to believe or disbelieve in certain religion, certain political ideology or other currently held beliefs. People can believe in voodooism, homeopathy and anything they have convictions of. As long as there is civility and respect to each other. Please do not act like fanatics trying to save your religion. We can all discuss in peace. Fanatic behavior such as ganging up on people with different beliefs is not acceptable at all. 

Sajha has withstood 20 years with the same policy of freedom of speech and will uphold this very important stand as it's core value.

If one cannot accept the admin decision and chooses to spew constant negativity, dissatisfaction and personal vendetta then in order to maintain peace and order sajha will have to deactivate such membership.

Sajha provides anonymity to users while the sajha administration personal information is exposed. So any kind of personal vendettas against the admin are not only lopsided with one individual hiding under fake name and the other representing real identity, it is just hypocritical to throw one personal judgment after another hiding under the veil of anonymity.

Thank you and may lord Pashupatinath provide sense and sensibilities to us all.
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I agree with San/Neo. As Ananda Nepal said somewhere we all have “kuntha”. But that does not give us rights to abuse someone and their family. We can all be adults here and fight an idea with another idea. Let all conversations be civil. It only gives us positive feelings. If we really have negativity toward others, the best way to channel it away is to hit the gym, go on bike rides,read a nice book etc.

Yes some of the ideas and theories that are presented here can sound ridiculous and laughable to some of us but that does not mean we have any right to go personal against the poster. Best we can do is counter it with facts and figures. It’s not in our control to convince others. We each have our biases and views and are just imperfect beings. But the least we can do is be respectful to each other.
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