The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly
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Covid is not a hoax ladies and gentlemen. The need to take vaccine right now is under big question mark because of lack of procedural follow up on the effectiveness of the long term effects of the vaccine. The vaccine makers are afraid that people will gain immunity and forget about the vaccine so they are using all media outlets to promote the use of vaccine asap. The immunity of the human body is the most powerful healer of all time. Look at dogs they eat from street all dirty food but their body builds immunity. The vaccine makers don't want you to know that because they will lose their business. Less than 2% of people with covid get serious effects and most people get over it with tylenol and rest. This is a great money making opportunity for vaccine makers. They use fact checkers to prove that vaccine is good. People don't have time to find out who the fackcheckers are but they are funded by vaccine makers.
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People like p14nd3m1c is the reason why user base of sajha is declining where admin does nothing except letting him post false propaganda whether it's good or bad for the society just for the sake for Ad Revenue.
Keyser Söze
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Look at dogs they eat from street all dirty food but their body builds immunity
Ok how about you prove that? Live like a dog, eat what they eat for a month or two or however long you can. Make a documentary footage so we all know your body immunity will work just like that of 🐕. At least this part it will be your own experience and we all can believe what your saying is right not just saying it to make your point.

Hey next time when your love ones get sick be sure to give that doggy example Don't take them to clinic or hospital or use any forms of medicine. Because that money you spend will benefit health corporations. 

Also similarly if when you spend money in anything like food, rent or clothing, the tax you pay will end up in gov, same Gov who is allowing the pharma to sell their Covid products. So u see how they all connected and part of big scheme to take your money and be richer and powerful. Somehow you are contributing to them directly or indirectly and only the way for you to avoid that is to go live in jungle in that way your immunity stays strong as  animals to fight any disease you get. Most importantly will have 0 contribution to Pharma. Until u do so u are making Pharma rich and they will be keep coming with vaccines and Gov will allow them to sell or make mandatory to get them. 
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What exactly did I post here that you claim is propaganda? Most of the stuff you’ve been hearing in the news is the real propaganda. Did you see the fact checkers’ fact exposed? The propaganda is so strong you won’t believe even if it cane to bite you in the ass.
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So when you are out answer you delete my post?
Go get a life. Alex Jones or Sucker Carlson will probably host you on their shows.
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Gwachaquaruin you are truly a real gwanch crying foul without being smart enough to know how to view previous pages. Go and figure out how to be smart to view previous page then you will see your sorry post. No wonder you are not bright enough to understand a lot of other things too. I only delete mangale’s post because he keeps on repeating same dumb stuff. I dont have time to waste on idiots. Let me know if you are not able to figure out how to navigate to previous pages to see your post and i will teach you. So quick to judge before doing at least some basic research. Poor gwanch.
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Gwanch did you figure it out? I don’t want anyone to start thinking that i run away from any good discussion. I will not however discuss with non sensible idiots like poor mangale. He is the only one I deleted and that was because of his psychotic tendencies. He must be one lonely person that he is trying to force me to talk to him when I have repeatedly said I dont want to have any discussion with his state of mind. And what does he do? Like a psycotic lunatic he creates a thread on my name to force me to acknowledge his sad life. Haha its funny and sad at the same time. I must have taken his sleep away from him that he has to dedicate the whole thread for me. Talk about misplaced priorities. We have the whole pandemic and vaccinations to discuss and look at him taking things personally and crying like a baby. Sad mangale. And I am not going to respond to any more psycotic behaviors from you. Move on dot org
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“People like p14nd3m1c is the reason why user base of sajha is declining where admin does nothing except letting him post false propaganda whether it's good or bad for the society just for the sake for Ad Revenue.”

Sajhamitra if it bothers you so much what are you doing here? If the admin allows people to speak their mind then who are you to be the moral police here crying about ad revenue. Why do you even care about the declining userbase if you are worried admin is making ad revenue? Or maybe open your own site where you only allow people to write what you approve. 

Try to be a man and have a conversation here than going to the cry babies thread to cry that you are not capable of coherent thoughts.
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p14nd3m1c, There is no point of discussing with you as you have sort of metal illness. Also, I don't get engage in discussion with crazy people as it is just waste of time. Go seeks some help.
I commented only because Admin take some actions to stop fake conspiracy theories which is doing serious harm to the society.

p14nd3m1c, you don't bother me but your actions do. I don't care what you do with your life but I care if someone is spreading pathetic dangerous fake news in public site.
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The turn of events has been pretty entertaining, revealing true nature of hypocrisy, fear, insecurity and lack of common sense on some parties involved. Sajha allows original posters to delete responses and if two responses are deleted then the person cannot respond to the thread anymore. This is a feature in sajha. I do not know why it was implemented but maybe it was placed to allow OP to be in control of their thread and shoo away negative people who bring too much negativity to their thoughts and ideas. So yes I delete mangale's posts because firstly he started calling me 'sheep' which he claims I started first but if you go and look you can clearly see that he's the one who started first. In any case, he continued down that condescending and attacking route without much valid content and I did not want to waste time with him so after deleting two of his postings, I think he started to take it personal and started following me everywhere I posted and attacking me to a point where he created a separate thread just to bash me. I feel sorry for his state of mind. What kind of sad life does one need to have to take things to such personal level. But it's entertaining to say the least. He really needed to rile up support from others to bash me and people who could not have coherent and intelligent arguments with me in this thread had to seek his consolation and trying their best to gang up on me. Such weaklings, hypocrits and insecure bunch of losers!

Sajhamitra "There is no point of discussing with you as you have sort of metal illness. Also, I don't get engage in discussion with crazy people as it is just waste of time. Go seeks some help.
I commented only because Admin take some actions to stop fake conspiracy theories which is doing serious harm to the society."

What a hypocrite mister you are. If you say there is no point in discussing with me, then it would be the most sensible thing to shut up. But no, you say that and continue to mouth off unhinged accusations. I have discussed sensibly and reasonably with you. I think you got tongue tied from my response so you had to run away and take shelter in the other bashing thread by mangale. 

If you want to continue a reasonable discussion, point out to one "conspiracy theory" that you claim I am spreading. What exactly did I say that is conspiracy theory in your opinion. Point it out and we can have a coordial discussion. 

Kaiser, you don't need to take shelter under mangale's dumb thread if you have any concerns. We were having a conversation here and you ran away and took shelter to gang up on me haha such weaklings. I tell ya.

Anyways I stand steadfast to reason and logic and am here to respond to you if you have any points you need to make. If you just want to blame, call names etc. then please stick to that other thread, it's good for losers who can't talk sense.

This thing is beginning to take a lot of my time here. So I may not reply asap but rest assured that I will respond to any intelligent logical reasonable questions or comments.
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To @sajha admin

I used the delete response feature to delete two of mangale's replies to my post. and now he started a new thread just to attack me and another user personally. I did not realize that there are sick people who go as far as creating a personal vendetta for using sajha feature.

In sajha registration it says
- Do not use sajha forum to indulge in propaganda of hate - be it personal or political

If this is not personal propaganda of hate, I do not know what is.
Keyser Söze
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Like · Liked by · 0 don't tell me where i need to comment or not. I will comment wherever I like dumb a$$ .
And deleting comments just coz you think it's irrelevant makes you no strong either but a pussy a$$ looser!!

Aren't you the same guy who was begging on other post to delete Mangale's comment..oh what you call that tag teaming? So why cry foul when he does the same? It wouldn't have come to that point if you haven't deleted his comments or begged other guy to do so. Get your head out of your a$$!! 
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Geyser you sure have the right to go and join the losers club and try to act all tough and smart lol. Oh yeah you all need to support each other because you can't handle the truth. You all are scared that the house of cards will fall down under you. Pathetic people. Anyways go there and have a foursome with the others because obviously all of you want to put your head inside each others stinky butthole. Please open a we survived P14ND3M1C group and console each other and put ointment in your fragile egos. HAHA
Keyser Söze
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Hahaha...really? Looser you mean like how you begged other guy to delete Mangale's comment. I am sure you would have even given him heads just to get it done . It must be coming from first experience of what you do at your free time with your like mind homo buddies to celebrate your achievements in spreading conspiracy theories.
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Haha geyser is the most clueless of the bunch. What makes you think i asked anyone to delete anything. I saw that the post got deleted so I thanked him for deleting. you are so occupied with this losing streak that you are getting paranoid. Why don't you ask the other guy if i asked him. Sanka ma lanka jalaune ta bani nai ho. I have caught you making things up too many time. Haha try to make sense.

"त्यसकै बाबु आमा ले vaccine हानी सको। के कुरा गर्नु।"
pariwar kai kura garchau bhane timro ama, didi, bahini, budi le pani haani sakeko ho? haneko chaina bhane hanna lagai halnu. bishnu bishnu
Last edited: 30-Apr-21 12:26 PM
Keyser Söze
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haha Geyser you are indeed clueless. After he deleted the other guys post, my responses looked out of place so I asked him to delete my posts. Freaking get a clue dumbass. Go back to your support group or go vote for yourself. kasaile baal diyena dumbo lai. dimag laga bhanna lako dimag bhaye po
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geyser badhi runa thalis aba tero ni delete. don't want to waste time for someone as dumb as you. ja gayera mangaleko chusdai bas ani talk out of ur head in mangale butt
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Sajha needs to be fun and not sadistic platform for insecure people to gang up on people they don't agree with.People need to learn to agree to disagree and move on without making it a vendetta against people they don't agree with. People must have very low self esteem to have to stoop that low.
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