if anyone wants to read what happened with Supreme Court #TPS hearing today
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Hannah Mullen: Good morning! Today the Biden DOJ will argue before the Supreme Court that people with Temporary Protected Status -- humanitarian relief granted to those who come from countries that are too dangerous to return to -- aren't eligible for green cards!!!
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So when is the Supreme court's final decision on this shittt lol?
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This shitt show will keep going on:
The Supreme Court officially heard arguments in Sanchez v. Mayorkas, a lawsuit that began as a challenge to Trump administration and ended today with a defense from the Biden administration. Today was also the official deadline for the Biden administration to respond to the landmark Ramos lawsuit, which prevented the de-documentation and deportation of 400,000 people. After being given 60 days to respond to Ramos lawsuit, both parties involved in the lawsuit are now requesting that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals extend the stay for an additional 60 days as the Biden administration continues the process of reviewing the prior administration’s termination of TPS designations for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nepal, and Sudan.
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Judges were skeptical about it. Only viable way for TPS to greencard is thru congress. You can’t adjust status if you entered illegally or lost status before TPS.
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here is another link

this line seems interesting:- a Justice Department lawyer defended the government’s long-standing position that the 1990 law passed by Congress did not give these TPS holders a right to permanent lawful status IF they entered the country illegally years ago.

that IF, could open doors? idk. having a ray of hope is not a bad thing but yes we gotta be practical. I will try to find a more realistic interpretation we are in this weekend I hope ;)
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yeah do update if you find anything in this pose
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