If I had to invest $30K, what would you advise?
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Hello Experts by Experience,

If I had to invest $30K, what would you advise?
Crypto - Day trader
Crypto - Long term
Stock - Day trader
Stock - Long term
Gold and Silver

Thank you Sir.
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crypto long term is good. I like etherium.
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Go with VT , VTEB and some gold\crypto if you are for long term and want to be on the safe side.
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With S&P at record-high, upheavel in geo-politics, and technology along with its feasibility changing at breakneck pace, what holds true today may not be so a few months or years down the road. A lot of people know when to buy but only a few know when to sell.

Educate yourself if success is critical. Hope or belief is not enough, it takes conviction in your investment if sleeping well at night is important to you. Best wishes!
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This all depends on your age and risk profile. If this is your life savings and cant afford to loose it, open a low cost Vanguard IRA, put it in diversified mutual fund which targets your retirement age. Eg for 2050 retirement: . This is the safest choice, with estimated annual returns of 5-8 percent.

For Crypto and Stocks short term trading try the simulator with fake money to see if you can do it yourself:
Once youre ready you can open account on the many fee free platforms like Robinhood/Webull etc. High Risk high Gain, but you have to treat this investment high risk, investing in stocks/options in single product is volatile.
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you should ask this questions to yourself

1. Can you afford to loose all this money and sleep tight ?
2. What is your experience in market ?
3. Do you believe in crypto, Do you that is going to continue to climb ?
4. Are you looking for long term,short term,swing ?
5. Are you going to invest on one or diversify ?
6. How long can you wait and what is your minimum expectation form 30k ?
7. Do you have steel ballz, often being tested in market lately ?

once you know the answer then you can jump the ship. Good Luck

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३० हजार लगानी गर्नु पर्यो भन्दै साझा छिर्नु भयो, म भए कुनै एडभाइजर खोज्थे |साझाका २ -४ जना हस्थीले तपाईंको जाबाफ दिएका छैनन, पर्खिनुस् कुनै दिन सल्लाह अबस्यनै पाऊनु हुनेछ |
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