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Namaste Sajha mitra haru,

I am kind of curious about a simple question. How can you bring a spouse to the USA if you are in TPS under Biden New Rule??

Appreciate any suggestion or advice.

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New Biden Rule says that do not bring spouse from Nepal instead find somebody here who is a US citizen. If you still want to bring spouse from Nepal, tell her to go and apply for Tourist visa at US Embassy when they are open. and tell her to say to counselor that she doesn't know you.
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Mangale bro,

So the only way to come is through a tourist Visa. Can u apply for a TPS dependent after she arrives in the USA.
what are other options?
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If she arrives here in Tourist visa, she will have more options than you such as .. never mind. I don't want her to leave you. Jokes aside, wait for Biden Immigration bill to pass both chambers of congress. There is a hope that Dreamers and TPS have more chance to be included in slimmed down version than all 11 millions undocumented.
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April samma pakhnu kei bhayena bhane afu nai spouse bha Tira Janu
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I still have hope for myself but at the same time, I just want to do what's best in the coming future. The broken immigration system has messed so many people's life so I wish at least they fixed people to move around come and go even temporarily.
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If biden immigration bill passes you and your spouse and immediate relatives will get conditional residence or permanent residence at the same time
Sexy In Sari
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The immigration system is NOT broken, but it is broken for the people like you because you want to twist immigration laws that fit your agenda.

Remember, the letter "T" on TPS means Temporary. Yes, that's why this status does not have a derivative.

How can a person who is living temporarily in the US be allowed to bring a spouse and sponsor?

Since you can't follow the US immigration law properly, that does not mean the system is broken.

I came here on F1- then OPT- got a sponsor-got GC-became a US citizen, got married, sponsor him, filed a petition for his and my parents. Parents become US citizens.

I don't find the immigration system is broken.

Tesla guy
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Sexy in sari
Ta kina hero hunchas yaa ayera sala. He is asking if there is an option to get his wife here through TPS. Yes you are right there is no such thing called “ derivative” . Taile chai Tero baa aama lai citizen banayera kun chai thulo kura garis ra. Tero language batai thaha huncha ta kati showoff wala manchey hos bhanera. Taile leko degree ta mero chak pusna lai kaam lagcha. Somat Sikh.
Yes indeed the immigration system is broken in this country.
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Sexy... you come here alone and you’re supposed to return after your program of study but you chose to stay here and bring the whole village. Immigration System is indeed broken.
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I want to address some points before this turns into a really hate post from couple of users who are very active in Sajha.

My two cents bro yes the immigration is broken, ask anyone who has been through this path. U might have an easy way out from f1->OPT-> h1b-> greencard but some ppl didn't go through that journey.

I also came here at f1 and I also went through h1b route by the company but I was not that lucky enough to do green card through the company and I didn't serve as u might have did to consultancy (where some of the ppl are a slave for 4-5 years in return of the card). 

I choose an independent path not to serve and rather wait for a card through a different process. I am not in this country for the only card but for a better future as well U are. So stop putting out hate words bcoz ur hates words won't fix the system and if u haven't been on that path u cant say that immigrants are stealing ur job. We all go through a different paths and the immigration system is not like that used to be 5 years ago where companies are willing to sponsor u just bcoz u r talented but not fake resume with 6 yrs experience in consultancy. 

So let's build the community and put ur hate emotion and ego aside. When someone is trying to look for help. If u cant help stop spitting the hate words. If no one has brought the village u would be alone in the USA. So if u haven't come here through EDV I hope u understand the pain and struggle and just mesmerize it.

Khutta tanne parwittii ali kaam garum. Me getting permanent is none of ur concern. "T" ra "P" ko pariwashha ali afai bujum aru lai bujunu bhandaa. 

I am here for suggestions not ur hate speech so plz keep that to urself.

Jai Nepal.
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Remember, Sexy In sari get orgasm likeheaven when an immigrant or his family suffer. Read his/her other posts.
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