I call it Bromance 😢
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I share a 3 bed apartment in New York with a couple for almost a year now. They are very friendly nd caring may be more than we can expect to get in foreign land. So recently they had a baby and their parents came frm Nepal as well. So everything was going well. One day vauju asked me to allow dai to sleep with me. And i said ok( no choice though).
So later in bed he slept next to me and he was sleeping very comfortably, throwing his legs and hands towards and over me. I was jst struggling to get a free space to sleep, while turning around somehow my hand touched his bulge. Then i felt something strange and couldn’t stop myself to touch again. And he didn’t say or stop me. So later I woke up for early morning job. And next night he came to my bedroom again and slept. This is worst feelings m having even writing it here.
So yesterday i was touching his bulge today i was feeling his whole body. He got more comfortable. I felt he was opening his legs more wide so I could get in. Nd i can remember though was in half asleep. I was trying kiss him and worst is i dont know either he took it out or i did but he was touching my dick and sucked it. Oh Jesus 😢😢
And now this is jst hunting day and night, stuck in mah head. Trying to ignore him but staying in same house cant do that.
He stopping coming to my room not even to talk which he use to come every day.
But thinking from one side m so guilty that I ruined a good relationship jst coz of my horniness. But secondly if he didn’t like it then why didn’t he stop me.
It jst hurting me frm inside.
What if he tells this to anyone what shall i do or say.???"
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कथा पर्धै गर्दा नास्या र लोगन्याको काण्ड याद आयो अरु केहि बोलिन :)
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This story smells of shit. Not believable at all. Try harder next time.
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#KhateyNepali- y choo rude my maan ?
butternut squash
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Yo jaada bhaanta le daami story banayo afaile. Euta grownup man who is already married will never sleep with another guy in the same bed. Yasto bhaye ta usko budi would have already found out by now that herhusband is gay bhanera. Guff diney ko ni seema huncha ni . Talai maile asti jhan gay don bhanera naam deko thiyee.. tara afsos aba chai chhakchikauray bhanchu. Thuikka
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Yo [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] gay pride , laganya vinaju , mama , salo , kakabau, baje sabai hamra nase daju ka dus autar hun . Yinka 2 inche dhukkur loganya ley post garyo bhanere yini loganya pachi pareka chhan . Kura gham jastai chharlanga chha . Yo kura loganya ley ni pusti gari sake . Itihas sakchi chha loganya ko 6th sense ley kaile dhoka khadaina . Beby ben lai ni yinle loganya birudda bhadkaka hun .
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