How to deal with anxiety
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Recently dealing with lot of anxiety. Due to anxiety not able to move in life . Due to anxiety not even able to change jobs, currently living in NYC and so depend on public transport and failed my driving already 4 times. This is building up my anxiety each time I think about driving and moving out. If somebody was in same situation how you cope up with this situation. Does anybody tried therapist how it works. Helps will be appreciated.
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R u mr logan ? He has similar issues that u r dealing.

Talking to the point,people will never understand what anxiety is unless ur dealing wid it or someone in your family has it . My ex gf had it . It started when c changed her job. New place , new job ,new environment , everything new . She keep on complaining me about it but i never understand whats going on as everything to me was looking normal until c brust .

Did onlin research , councling but nothing work except mediation. C is fine now . Try meditation not in home but with some experts it will work.
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Seeing a therapist and getting medication definitely helps a lot.
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If its just anxity (not depreesion) mediation will not work , behavioural change will work. And while on sajha never seek advise from nas bhai and logan bhai, they will topp depression on your anxiety. They just simply have no normal life . Listen to normal people not extremists.
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Frustated me bro first off dont get frustrated your problems might seem minor to others. As far as driving, its the easiest thing to do I recommend moving out of NY and going to easy peasy places like texas where even tortoises can fly cars lol. Then sometimes jogging and minor activities help relieve anxiety too. If it makes you feel better, I found subways in NY to be more frustrating than driving cars lol.
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After failing the driving test multiple times this anxiety started . Now I am at the point whenever somebody talks about driving license I got anxiety . I even took lot of driving class and whenever on test I got this nervousness so high I screw up. Just hoping if there is any easy suburb place to get license. I can notice this frustration is slowly building up in my mind and creating anxiety.
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Move to texas bro people there get license before getting born itself lol
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Thank you everybody for the response and kind words. Will keep posted.
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@frustratedme bro, I understand it's easier said than done but try not thinking too much. If it helps don't try for driver license for a few months. It is very normal to fail a few times.

Btw, which car did you ride while taking the road test?

And yeah, do keep us posted.
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