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I am starting this thread for those who consume only liberal news and rarely if at all get conservative news.
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So whats the rationale behind pardoning all criminals like lottery tickets? can a conservative explain this? today i saw 26 who knows what this number is going to be in a month. even steve bannon is in line. My belief is conservative ideas are nice only when implemented properly. Even GOP wants to stay away from Trump but they are scared of his tantrums as of now.
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There are no conservatives only Trump followers and Trump want to work as Putin ( more power to Putin), who has not know knowledge of constitution and no respect to it.
Please, stop dreaming to get apple juice from a lemon?
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Interesting article from Wall Street Journal, Trump policies were correct in dealing with allies and enemies. Its the domestic politics (wokism) that is threatening the standing of America. Dems had no good policies thats why they made it seem good vs bad. Give Biden few months, he will come back to Trump's policy after learning again for 100th time.
If noone follows foreign policy Germany dissed Biden for China, Russia stopped caring, China ignored Biden, Israel and saudi teames up against US, France called American woke culture as a threat to French way of living, Japan and Korea asked to continue Trump's policy. There is overwhelming support for policy minus the person. Now it is not if but how will Biden pivot back to Trump's position.

Here is article itself, there are other similar articles in failure of Biden in international stage in different regions.
It hasn’t been the most promising start. Less than a month into Joe Biden’s presidency, and his administration is already engaged in spats with China, Russia and Iran. It is also discovering that U.S. allies are not quite as happy with Mr. Biden’s Feb. 4 announcement that “America is back” as many Democrats might have hoped.

In Asia the administration’s Myanmar policy—imposing sanctions that signal displeasure without materially affecting the army’s ability to rule—has attracted little enthusiasm. On Feb 15, India’s foreign minister hailed Indo-Japanese cooperation on regional infrastructure projects that link Myanmar with its neighbors, a not-so-subtle signal that India intends to go on cooperating with Myanmar no matter what Washington wants. Simultaneously, the large portion of the Indian press that supports the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is aflame with resentment that Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris, seems to be siding with protesters against BJP policies.

European leaders are also dismissive of American moralism. French President Emmanuel Macron denounced the importation of U.S.-academic and cultural wokeness as a threat to the French way of life, while pragmatists on the Continent are pushing to strengthen economic relations with Russia and China—virtually ignoring the Biden administration’s efforts to raise the pressure on human-rights abusers in Moscow and Beijing. With the U.S. trade representative’s recent announcement that Trump-era retaliatory tariffs on European wine, cheese and food imports aren’t going away soon, this has been one of the shortest and coldest diplomatic honeymoons on record.

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Sometimes I feel if Jesus was born now he would be so conservative and would just give his heart to two of his kids... and ask them to just think better for themselves ...if anyone else comes mmm just chant MAGA :)
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hey btw where is this be-aware bro nowadays?

he would just start this braveeee conservative thread hai....

and invite all liberals for pure discussion ...and if anyone would give a logical discussion ...all the comments would be deleted like a magic???

goddamn bro is be-ware bro like a really close friend of you who lives in your closet? Who cannot have any ideas how to argue or make fair point with anyone who disargues?
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Miss Trump in this manipulated market days. With one tweet he could stop MM's rigged game. Hope it bounces soon.
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This is interesting. Its non partisan (?) And has a lot of information. Everything points that Trump had best policies, Biden is trying to get out of his election promises/ lies and get back to Trump's policies. Biden knows all liberals do not understand policies they just want to follow what is "cool" and will let Dems get away with these bad policies and lies.

Dumb people keep doing the same thing again and again expect different result lol. People from California move to Texas because of liberal policies and still vote for dems in texas. They will never learn. Dumbest people I seen.
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"The narrative we thought we knew is not reality". This went on for a year.
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Trump deserves credit for policies Biden is adopting on foreign policy
Opinion by Carrie Sheffield

Updated 2:16 PM ET, Thu June 17, 2021

(CNN)President Joe Biden repeated "America is back" during his G7 trip, yet in many aspects, his foreign policies -- at least on paper -- follow those of the Trump administration. The question is whether Biden backs up his rhetoric with strong, concrete actions on everything from Russia and Ukraine to NATO and China.

American liberals often ignored the old adage that "politics stops at the water's edge," frequently slamming Trump while in office for what they claimed were Trump's kid-gloves against Vladimir Putin. Yet the Trump administration took steps to assist Ukraine against Russian aggression, including the sale of lethal arms to Ukraine.
Biden is also failing to deter Putin (and help Ukraine) by waiving sanctions against the company in charge of building Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. Trump stood strong against Putin by applying sanctions against the construction of the pipeline under the Baltic Sea, which bypasses Ukraine.
On Wednesday, during his post-summit news conference, Biden did not mention if missile defense systems in Europe -- another key Russian deterrent -- came up during his meeting with Putin. In 2009, Putin called Obama "correct and brave" for scrapping a major missile defense system in Poland -- a major giveaway to the Russians (Obama agreed to a smaller system). Trump reversed the fraying Polish relationship by signing a $4.75 billion missile deal to defend Poland and moving US troops to Polish soil. However, there was no word on whether Biden will revert to his old boss' position, which would leave this major US ally out in the cold.
Undoubtedly, the handling of Russia is complex. The US defense will require the use of tactical policies on all fronts.
If the President is looking to follow in anyone's footsteps on foreign policy, it should be Trump's. And in several ways, it seems like he's been doing just that.
Biden did the right thing to pressure Russia by upholding US withdrawal from the Russia-Open Skies Treaty earlier this year -- which amounted to a change in tune by Biden. When Trump announced he would leave the treaty in May 2020, Biden called the decision a "short-sighted policy of going it alone and abandoning American leadership." Biden said this would "increase the risks of miscalculation and conflict" and alienate Europeans who wanted the US to stay.
    The Open Skies Treaty wasn't the first time Biden reversed course from criticism of Trump. Biden joined other G7 nations this week to call for continued pressure on China for a new investigation into the Covid Wuhan lab origin. After Democrats shunned Trump and other conservatives for raising the issue, Biden now wants to further investigate.
    Also, Biden and other Democrats now appear to be joining the footsteps of the Trump team with heightened overall scrutiny of China (though Biden's budget proposal would weaken the US military).
    In addition to supporting bipartisan legislation to bolster competitiveness with China, Biden expanded the list of Chinese companies barred for US investors. On the Uyghurs, Biden's administration continues pressure for human rights protections, similar to efforts under the Trump administration.
    On NATO spending, Biden's Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will keep Trump's approach to pressure NATO allies to fulfill their treaty responsibility of a minimum 2% GDP spending on defense. Trump was much derided by critics who said he wanted to dismantle NATO, yet NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Trump's approach had an "important" and positive impact on the organization, "because we need fairer burden sharing in the NATO alliance."
    Biden is also in sync with Trump in a continued commitment to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. The President should ensure, however, that Afghan translators, and their families, who served the US military aren't left behind in harm's way.
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      One key difference in this trip abroad: though Trump notoriously battled with the press, he made himself personally far more open to news conferences and ad hoc questioning. Disturbingly, The Washington Post's chief White House correspondent Ashley Parker reported Biden was less transparent during his travels than Trump in journalistic access: "the US press -- a key part of any functioning democracy -- has gotten less access than under previous administrations," Parker tweeted. "And is now forced to resort to updates (from) ... the Turkish government Twitter account."
      Personal missteps aside, Biden has a golden opportunity to continue robust foreign policies handed to him by his predecessor. If he can set aside partisanship and act beyond rhetoric, this will strengthen America and the world.

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      People believing a con artist deserve to be conned .
      I hope they suck all the money off your account and leave you high and dry like y’all deserve.
      Fcking nutjobs .

      Trump and his chumps wouldn’t even pee on y’all but fcking go on with “We miss you”. You miss destruction you piece of selfish shits .

      And watching this rat Sheparo or whatever his fcking name is … y’all deserve such rats .

      Tyesto politics audo raicha Nepal ma gayera garey huncha ni … Trump ko murti banayera tyehi pooja garnu ani tyesko shit safa garnu . Fcking idiots
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      नाम चै प्राइड एण्ड प्रेजुदिस तर काम चाही देमोकृतहरुको गेडा चुस्दै बस्ने काम जस्तो छ | चुस्न पनि किन नाचुसोस उसलाई जुन ति पी एस देको छ | हाहा

      सोल्टी कुरा चाही दिमाग ले सोच्नु पर्छ देमोकृत रिपब्लिकन भनेर होइन

      All The Way
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      Haiit, I thought ultra liberals are respectful and well mannered. Well, guess not. Why they have to be always aggressive to put their points?
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      I am not a big fan of republicans nor democrats but one thing I cannot help noticing is how democrats put all their hope in a senile guy who does not even know down from up. He was selected by corporations because he does their bidding and it's not even hidden. He says' things like he is not supposed to take questions from anyone but the selected journalists. His own people are trying to expose him as little as possible. He comes with flash cards with talking points that read trump was bad. He is the weakest president that America has ever known. He is clearly just a puppet president who dances to the tune of his 'handlers'.
      Last edited: 18-Jun-21 08:51 AM

      Funny thing I noticed in the news yesterday was that leftist news outlets were all pointing out how Putin said Biden is not senile so he must not be senile then. I say WOW to that. All decade long they are after Putin. Even Biden calling him a murderer. And now all they have is a statement from Putin to validate Biden's state of mental health. Haha it is ridiculous. They need Putin to validate someone's senility as if it's not obvious in the way Biden shows how clueless he is at more times than not.

      Last edited: 18-Jun-21 09:19 AM
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      Don lemon admitting Race issue is pushed in news cycle and agreeing racism is past issue in 2014. Seven years later he is race baiting.
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      This is interesting.
      prem kumar
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      Goddam: Can you explain Conservative philosophy even a layman can understand it. Then it will make sense to reader.
      Those who did not have any idea on Economics they were against capitalism because they started thinking entrepreneurs are blood sucker of laborers and peasants.

      Please do not socialite only Fox News.
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      Government should tax less and spend less. Cutting spending to balance the budget should be the priority. Higher income earners should have an incentive to invest (credits). Charity is the responsibility of the people.

      Government should provide more services to the less fortunate (like health care) and increase taxes if necessary. High-income earners should pay a larger percentage of their income as taxes.

      Above two are comservative vs liberal philosophy.
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