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Khadga Prasad (KP) Oli and Pushpa Kamal (PK) Dahal "Prachanda". They even got the opposite initials. No wonder they fight a lot 😁
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Let's see what happens in the secretariat meeting tomorrow. These two gentlemen fight like a cat and a dog. Let us enjoy the show 😃. Maybe we can learn to fight by watching them. 🤔
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Now, they are fighting like gentlemen. Writing letters and giving space. 👍
"चिटो गए भन्न सकिन्न | तर ढिलो गए अबस्य पुगिन्छ |"
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I think that it is Oli's turn to deliver. He promised economic development to Nepali people. Now, he needs to find a way. He can't keep blaming other people for his shortcomings. If he thinks that he is a great leader, then he needs to show his greateadership skills in action also. Prachanda delivered republic as promised.
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Visit from Chinese defence minister after visits from the Indian Army chief. It is a high time to tread geopolitics of security concerns cautiously. Slow and steady wins the race! Hope India has learned its lessons from bickering with Pakistan for the last 70 years.
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Oli replied with 38 page long document, the double the number of pages written by Prachanda. It is like "if you punch me once, I will punch you twice". 😎
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This is probably the longest political debate in Nepal. In the past, the governments used to fall at the first disagreement before any debate. It is turning out to be a real political fight. The battle of mind and numbers. Both are constantly thinking about the number of their supporters. Lets hope this debate will provide political clarity for Nepali people. They have gotten enough time to process the information. I am confident that people will use their votes to express their opinions in the next election!
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Those are some beautiful "च्वाक्" pictures. You and I both know that nothing is permanent in this ever changing world specially relationship and careers. So, I say you never know. 👍 

We don't have खेत बारी like our grandparents. 😁

PS उनले पनि घण्टा हान्थिन US मा केही वर्ष अगाडी |

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Yet again Prachanda took a side track for a carrot - withdrawal of ordinance regarding CC. He agreed to issue a joint statement with Oli in the next meeting. I just read this article about paradox mindset. I wonder that he has a paradox mindset. He keeps contradicting himself and keep changing his stance. Come on, he joined forces with the democratic forces after ten years of maoist revolution. That's the first in the world. He seems very opportunistic in that regard.
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Can they do it without a lot of damage? Can today's NCP secretariat bring Nepal finally out of individualistic tendencies of its previous leaders be it the kings or the PMs? Can system win or it will be leaders again be it Oli or Prachanda? There is a lot at stake.

पशुपतिनाथले नेपालको भलो गरुन |
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I am starting to think that it seems like one grand design. The political upheaval in Nepal after the maoists came to the mainstream politics is at different levels compare to the politics during Girija era. Too much going on politically to put one's head around it. Prachanda has been at the center of it all. He literally had hand in all the government formations and dissolution since 2008.

What is this a different form of Mao's the great leap?
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Former Maoists giving a rope to KP Oli. First Badal, now Biplav. KP Oli the next great communist leader?

Video credit - Anand Nepal
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none of them are good ... none care about the country. 

 KP Oli --> Uses everything to convert the environment for his benefit. He is a good "giver" kind of leader. He distributes money and other stuffs - a father figure. He doesn't care what his supporters do as long as they are supporting him. He cares more about his supporters than the country. 

Prachanda -> Is an exact opposite. He keeps everything to himself... for his own benefit. He is always after money & power. He doesn't even care about his followers. All he cares about is himself and his family members. He hoards money (says, it is for the party) and he IS THE PARTY. Nobody else can be top leader in HIS party...

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AnandNepal ji

you Are 100% right

" मानिस कमुनिस्ट हुन सक्छ तर कमुनिस्ट मानिस हुन सक्दैन "
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Oli and Prachanda feud must have been the longest political feud in the history of Nepal without the fall of the government. Somehow Oli has been managing to stay in power for almost a year since Prachanda has been seeking his resignation. I like this feud because a lot of things have come to the surface, especially the Supreme court proved that the constitution of Nepal is above everyone.

In the past, the governments used fall quickly after disagreement before any sort of clarity. This time people have got enough time to process the political developments. It should give some clarity to people for the next election. Everyone should have their own personal clairty. There should be no political 'kichalo' anymore.

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चैत २४ गते रुकुम पुगेका माओवादी अध्यक्ष प्रचण्डले आफ्ना केही ‘गल्ती’हरु सुनाए । अब ती गल्ती सच्याउने भन्दै उनले रुकुमेली जनतासमक्ष आत्मालोचना गरे । माफी मागे ।

** प्रचण्डले रुकुमको आमसभामा आँफैले भनेका कुरा : ***

काठमाडौंमा बसेर लडेको लडाइँले हामीलाई प्रतिफल धेरै दिएको छैन । जतिबेला हामी जनतामा गएका छौं, हामी विजयी भएका छौं । जतिखेर हामी सिंहदरबारभित्रै चलखेल गर्ने, कहिले योसँग, कहिले त्योसँग, विभिन्न शक्तिसँग सहकार्य गर्ने, खेल खेल्ने भएको छ, हामी हारेका छौं ।

अहिले के भन्न खोजिएको छ भने प्रचण्ड अब कमजोर भइसक्यो । अब प्रचण्डलाई जनताको साथ छैन । अब प्रचण्डले केही गर्न सक्दैन ।......अब प्रचण्डको त्यति तागत छैन भन्ने ठानेका छन् केही मान्छेहरुले ।

ती मान्छेहरूलाई भन्नका लागि मेरो पार्टी छ । मेरा नेता, कार्यकर्ता साथीहरु छन् । मसँग क्रान्तिकारी जनताको कहिल्यै नटुंगिने उर्जा, शक्ति छ र जनताको साथ छ भन्नका लागि चैत्र २४ गते रुकुममा जनआन्दोलन दिवस मनाउन आएको हुँ ।.... म यहाँबाट सरकारलाई, सिंहदरबारमा बसेर प्रतिगमन गर्न चाहनेलाई रुकुमेली जनताको वीचबाट खबरदारी गर्न आएको हुँ । म खबरदार भन्न चाहन्छु प्रतिक्रान्तिकारीहरुलाई ।

मैले प्रधानमन्त्री (ओली) लाई भनेको छु, बाजी त तिमीले हारिसकेका छौ । तिमी हारिसक्यौ । म फेरि जनताको काखमा, सडकमा आइपुगेको छु । मैले जितेँ, भन्याछु मैले । जो जनतासँग हुन्छ, त्यसले जित्छ । जसले जनतालाई छोड्छ, त्यसले हार्छ ।
अब मैले थोरै समय काठमाडौं, धेरै समय जिल्लामा दिन चाहेको छु । मैले बाँकी अवधि जनताको काखमा फेरि एकचोटि गएर प्रतिक्रान्तिकारीहरुलाई चुनौती दिने आँट मसँग छ । आज तपाईहरुले दिएको उर्जाले त मलाई झन् ठूलो शक्ति प्रदान भएको छ । म कुनै हालतमा झुक्ने छैन । जनतासँग गरिएका बाचा, कबुल र प्रतिवद्धताहरु बिर्सने छैन ।

म वास्तवमा थोरै तपाईहरुसँग आत्मालोचना गर्न पनि आएको हुँ । मैले काठमाडौंका अरु पार्टीका नेताहरु देशी–विदेशी थुप्रै–थुप्रै मान्छेहरुसँग यसो गरे होला कि, त्यसो गरे होला कि..... मैले राष्ट्र र जनताको हितप्रति दायाँ–वायाँ त गरिनँ । गर्ने पनि छैन । ममाथि हजारौं, शहीद बेपत्ता, घाइते योद्धाहरुको बोझ मेरो टाउकोमा छ । म दायाँ–वायाँ सोच्नै सक्दिनँ ।

तर, यसवीचमा मलाई दुःखमा बचाउने, मलाई सहयोग गर्ने, जस्तोसुकै अप्ठ्यारो पर्दा पनि प्रचण्ड भनेर हिँड्ने नेता–कार्यकर्ता अलि ओझेलमा जस्तो, जाली फटाहाजस्ताले भाऊ पाएजस्तो चैं भयो ।

तपाईहरुले देख्नुभयो, पार्टी विभाजन गरेर गए पनि पछि आएर गल्ती भयो कमरेड भन्नेलाई मैले बडो उदारतापूर्वक पार्टीको माथिल्लो तहमा जिम्मा दिएँ । मलाई गद्दार भन्नेहरु मात्रै होइन, २०७० को चुनावमा ममाथि बम प्रहार गर्ने साथीलाई मैले गृहमन्त्री बनाएँ । शायद मैले गल्ती गरें । संगठन, जनतामा प्रभाव केही पनि नभएको मान्छेलाई लगेर स्थायी समितिमा राखिदिएँ । ती बिकाऊ माल सावित भए । शायद मैले गल्ती गरें ।

मैले तपाईहरुलाई नै अगाडि बढाइराख्नुपथ्र्यो । पार्टी, लाइन र लिडरशिपप्रति इमान्दार, दुःख गरेका कार्यकर्ताहरुलाई नै मैले प्रत्येक नियुक्तिमा या पार्टीमा पदोन्नति गर्दा वा मन्त्री बनाउँदा बढी प्राथमिकता दिनुपर्नेमा मैले अलिकति गल्ती त गरें ।
सोझासीधा सहीद परिवारहरु अलिअति ओझेलमा परेको जस्तो । हिजो जनयुद्धमा त्यत्रो त्याग गर्नेहरु कता–कता पार्टीको नजरबाट अलि छुटेको जस्तो । फटाहा–फटाहा टाइपका मान्छेहरु चाहिँ हेडक्वार्टरलाई घेराऊ गरे भन्याजस्तो देखियो । म आत्मालोचना तपाईहरुसँग गर्न आएको हो । अब म त्यस्तो गर्दिनँ । हिजो आन्दोलनमा इमान्दारीताका साथ लागेका जनता र कार्यकर्तालाई अगाडि बढाउने संकल्प गर्न चाहन्छु ।

सबै मिलेर अपदस्थ गर्ने बन्यो भने पनि हामी अपदस्त हुँदैनौं । हामी प्रमुख प्रतिपक्षका रुपमा जनताको साथमा बसेर फेरि केही समयभित्रै सरकार कब्जा गर्ने ठाउँमा पुग्नेछौँ ।
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I wouldn't mind if Oli government gets to finish next two years with JSP support. I would like to see where this feud will take the Nepali politics. Deuba was a weak opposition. Prachanda in opposition will not be easy for Oli. Oli will have to be creative to maintain his influence.
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KP Oli seems to be finally coming out of his shell to his true self. I think that it is natural for KP Oli, as a bahun, to be a devout Hindu leader. And, I also noticed that he went to jail for Jhapa revolution when he was only 20 years old. I mean how many of us had formed thoughts when we were just 20 years old except French president Macron. I highly doubt Oli was immersed in the communist thoughts at that age. He still can't seem to make up his mind at the age of 70.

"Nepal’s Oli uses Hindutva as key agenda for the next election | World News,The Indian Express"
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On the eve of confidence vote, I think the constitution of Nepal is the clear winner after the Supreme Court's landmark decision to reinstate the lower house.

Politically, Oli has more to prove than Prachanda tomorrow. If he can garner the mojority vote than he will go down as a politically shrewd politician in Nepal's history. Otherwise, the history will remember him as funny politician. More specifically, उखान टुक्का बुढा |

तपाइहरुको राय के छ ? This feud is finally coming to end after more than a year. 😳
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के तपाइँ चीनामा बिस्वाश गर्नु हुन्छ ? ओलीको बुवाले तलको अन्तर्बातामा "पर्चन्डले पार लाउदैन्न | फालिआल्यो भने पनि 6 महिना पछि फेरि आउछ | बरु माधवको गरह उच्च छ | तर यिनिहरु मिलेर जान्छन " भनेका थिए (23-25 मिनेटमा ) |

तिन चोटी प्रधानमन्त्री हुने गरह छन पनि भनेका छन | अहिले सम्म उहाँले भनेको मिल्यो | तपाइँ लाइ के लाग्छ - के यो एक सन्योग मात्र हो? की यो साचिकै ओलीको लेखा हो ?
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