Kaile hola TPS extension
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Sajha sathi haru, November suru huna lagi sakyo USCIS le kaile TPS extension ko decision garcha hola?
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Goru tihar ko din garne bhaneko chha . Are you not aware of it ?
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On September 14, 2020, a federal appeals court issued a decision that allows terminations of TPS for those countries to move forward.

TPS recipients from Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan continue to have TPS for at least an additional six months, meaning TPS for these countries will be valid until at least March 5, 2021.

TPS Nepal is ending. I am moving to Canada in 2021.
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election is next week. If Biden wins, it might extend. but no one knows
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@2020 I am thinking to move there as well. May be next year but until then need TPS to stay and maintain status
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Really good resource on summarizing court’s decision and next steps:
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Biden do not have plan to extend TPS for all of them , but only to countries that are still dangerous to go. He wants to legalize all 11 million undocumented thru' Legislation which has been fairytale since 2006. So only hope here is Dems take control of House, Senate and Presidency and AOC and squad put firecracker in Chuck Schumer arse and he put the Dream & Promise Act in Senate floor.
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@mangale. Agreed but don’t you think it would be morally impossible for Biden to single out Nepal from the TPS group Ramos Vs Neilson? Wouldn’t that look like what Trump did for Nepal was ok kind of thing? Also, have noticed AOC personally say Nepali brothers and sisters in a couple of speeches, so Adhikar should speak to her to pressure the Biden admin at least. Given the pandemic situation Biden should think beyond the TPS provisions and consider how TPS holders have contributed to the US during these difficult periods. Just my thoughts.
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Biden would look at El Salvador and Honduras but not much for Nepal , it won't be his priority. But like I said Trump has successfully built the wall (paper wall) to prevent most new legal and impossible for illegals to reside in this country. So even If Biden win, it will be hard from him to undo most of the Trump immigration Executive Orders and rules. There will be litigation from anti-immigrant group such as FAIR and others if he try to undo some of the rulings, Just like ACLU and AILA is doing now. So its all politics, and immigrants are the football, keep getting kicked around.
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मंगले इस द चिफ जज ओफ साझा सुप्रिम कोट.
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Not sure when would they provide decision, we are already in november and TPS is just good till January so literally they should have given their decision by now.
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