Corona virus - how deadly is it really? and for whom?
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This information is not conspiracy. It is coming directly from the CDC website.

If you are between age of 0 to 19 then out of 100,000 people who get infected 3 people die.

If you are between age 20 to 49, then out of 10,000 people infected, 2 people die.

Between 50 and 69, out of 1,000 people infected, 5 people die.

If you are over 70, then out of 1000 infected 54 people die.

Stay Safe. Stay Informed.

CDC website page link:
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Does it matter 100 or 1 million when one of yours is a victim of covid?
The fact is, the number of victims of covid 19 and death toll is actually more than the data reflects.
It is not inflated, it is reduced as all are not accounted.
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When most of CDC's reports of excessive corona infection and death are spread by the mainstream media, the public accepts them without question. In fact they go "Yes yes, give us more news about death and destruction so we can stay glued onto our TV sets wallowing in fear and gloom. Give us more restrictions. Take away our rights. Give us vaccine whether or not they are effective ..."

But when CDC actually has to give out real numbers and statistics that point out that it is not as bad as the media outcry and fear mongering, then people are quick to question them saying "What if your family member is a victim?" Well, we already know that the virus could affect anyone including you and me. People die of diseases and viruses all the time. This data actually shows who is more likely to be affected. So please take the data for what it is worth. It's coming from the same agency that you trust.

The success of any propaganda is measured by how triggered the people become when they hear the opposite of what they are brainwashed to believe.

Stay safe. Stay informed and stay reasonable.
Keyser Söze
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Hope ya'all convey same message to all your family members where ever they are.I hope they listen to you that this is just as normal getting viruses or flu and continue gatherings like before pandemics.
Keyser Söze
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If they can attend rallies they can vote in person. If they get sick they know can get presidential care and treatment or perish away for maga at least.
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नास जी सडकमा उत्रिनेरे। सक्नु हुन्छ भने नेपाल जानुस र देश बनाउनुस। यहाँ बाट डिग्री लिएर नेपाल नै फर्किन्छु भनेर कन्सुलरलाई स्यटिस्फाई गराएर अमेरिका आउनु भाको हो नि। अनि तपाई सडक मा आएर हुने चाही के हो खासमा। यहाँ २-४ पैसा कमायो भन्दैमा यस्तो सान दिए हाल्नु पर्छ। कुरो।
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Covid fearing crowd are in luck! Grab one of these to protect yourselves and your families.
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ए भने पछि तपैले नेपाल हुदा तपाइलाई भिषा जारी गरेन भनेर तपैले यहाँ को सेनटर लै एक चिठ्ठी पठाउनु भाको। डिड आए गेट ड्याट् राईट। हो तपाई जस्ता धेरै विद्वान हरु छन् यो साझामा जो गर्न सक्नी केहि हैन पैसा कमाउनु भाको छ.. घर बसी बसी काम गरेर के के नि गर्या जस्तो अनि साझामा आएर बिग टक दिने आउनेहरु. डोन्ट ट्राई टु बी सो अमेरिकेन। आफ्नो दरातल न भुलम। आफ्नो राम्रो भाको छ भने अरुको नि तेस्तै सोचुम। त्यही हो राम्रो मान्छेको गुड भनेको।
Keyser Söze
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Frontline workers could have utilize it unlike those ones who pretends to be fearless not having to deal with Covid patients.
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neo 👨‍💼
You ll fear covid when/if you ll lose someone (I wish not) nearest and dearest.
अरुक़ो दुःख को दुःख अरुलाई हुदैन ।
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You are saying something that is one hundred percent true. We will definitely fear cancer, diabetes, heart attack, swine flu, zika virus, pulmonary fibrosis, covid or whatever else is responsible for the death of our near and dear ones. That is definitely the nature of being a human being tightly connected to our near and dear ones emotionally.
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Whatever data suggests, covid-19 is something one should be very cautious of, to be safe and keep the family safe. Sukul Gunda like Nas who(have no clue what Covid-19 is)
is spreading a FALSE inhumane news (Covid -19 is just a FLU) in a public portal should not be boosted.
Those who spread फ़ेक news ‘Covid-19 is JUST a flu’ is like the one Vegas ma Mandalay Bay ko 32nd ma basera, music festival ko crowd lai bhatatata goli hanni ‘मै हूँ’ भनि रमाऊँने
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Hi @Neo,

has your view changed or is it still the same? just wanted to know after long time. Thanks much
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