कोभिड लाग्यो!
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ल हेर भत्वा हो।कट्टु गएदेखी लेखेन भनेर मलाई तैं कट्टु होस् भन्ने पात हो, मलाई नि कोभिड लाग्यो। सिम्टम्स सुरु भाको १ हप्तामा चेक गराउन गाको 4 दिन बाद पोजिटिभ भनेर आयो। काँबाट लाग्यो कसको सर्यो ० आईडिया। दशैँको दिन क्वारेन्टीनमा बित्ने भो।
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सोसल डिस्ट्यन्सिङ्ग कडाई साथ् पालना गंर्ने |
दुई साता देखि म पनि काम मै गरेर काम गर्न सुरु गरेको ३ - ४ जना आफ्नो आफ्नो कोठामा काम गरे पनि एउटी मोरी घाटि बस्यो भनि घर गएकी मनमा चिसो पसेको छ | घरमा बिहान बेलुकी ज्वरो नाप्न थालिएको छ | औसत ९७ .६ तापक्रम हुन्छ भने कुनै बेला ९८ देख्दा मन चसक्क भै हाल्छ |
अरुलाई नसार्ने : शिघ्र स्वास्थ लाभ होस |
छाति भारि भयो भने साउथ अमेरिकन घरेलु दबाइ सानो चम्चाको आधा चम्चा जाईफ़ले धुलो मा १ चम्चा जति मह हालेर १० - १५ सेकेन्ड माइक्रोवेभ गरेर खादा कसो होला ?
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sexy in haku patasi
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Muzzi ,lottery pare jasto yaha aayera ufreko chase ta pasa . Depression n Corona is worst combination . While I don't compromise to wish
u luck but u have thin chances of fully recover. Even if u recover from Corona this season ,your partially disintegrated lungs will not recover fully n will have multiple complications in days to come including bronchitis. Hepatitis a b c , severe pneumonia.

U took corona lightly n now u paying price . It's high time transfer ur shares bank accounts etc to ur family, wife . N spend quality time with them as much as u can.

Lesson don't take corona as joke
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घोघन जी, धन्यवाद, सकभर घरैबाट सब काम निप्टी रा छ, सो अरूलाई सकेसम्म सारिन्न। सिम्टम्स एकदमै कम छन्, 10 दिन को आईसोलेसन रेकमेन्डेड थियो, मेरो 11 दिनमा त रिजल्ट आयो।
ख्वासा हाकु,
Hopefully, I recover completely, I never took COVID as a joke. तेरो देशको हेल्थकेयर सिस्टम नि उही पशुपतिनाथले धानेका रैछन भन्ने था भो, रिजल्ट आउन त्यत्रो समय, कन्ट्याक ट्रेसींङ भन्या कुन चराको नाम हो? वान फ्याक्ट आई क्यान से फर स्योर ईज, नो वान ईज सेफ अन्टिल द होल सिम्टम्स ईज दिस स्क्रुड। फर गड सेक वि लिभ इन द रिचेस्ट कन्ट्री इन द वर्ल्ड एण्ड सच अ पथेटिक रेस्पोसं।
sexy in haku patasi
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Pasa, umliyo bhanke pokhinchha, Kuhb bhui ma na bhadama bhayera ufrinthis , now you will live with fear for ages .

Don't blame the system , blame is to irresponsible people like you who take kovid as a joke . I don't know which part of world you live , but here in America result comes within 48 hrs.

No one is safe dats y you have to take precautions . The slogan for " wear mask n maintain social distancing " is there for some reason idiot .

Now don't come here n cry to get sympathy, nobody cares , itz ur problem , deal it like an adult , wear are celebrating dashain.
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Well..Nobody wants to die...Life is dear to all even animals..God bless all
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नाज ब्रो, येसमा थप उजागर गरिदिन पर्यो -- "सामन्य फ्लू मात्र हो !"
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Nas, your statement ‘covid is just a flu’ is so fkng wrong.
It is your choice to support Trump, but because you support Trump doesn’t mean you have to suck his 🏀.
Well, anyways you apparently do.
Referring your cousin case (might be fake) you are generalizing whole stuff. (I have deleted the words I was about to write for a good reason.)
Millions people died and you are saying ‘covid is just a flu’ and plandemic is so inhumane.
Grow up. Don’t be filthy pu$$y.
@sajha admin you suck as you let promote fake Creepy stuff.
Everything has consequences. Hope you guys do not have to REGRET
Sajha keto
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"COVID IS JUST A FLUE" This is so fucking wrong. Please don't spread it in public forum. Millions of people dying and spreading such a lie is another crime you are doing. My brother is a doctor and seen him very closely how it's going.
My relatives who was so healthy and was of age 49 died 2 days back due to covid. He did not have any precondition. His wife and father are in ICU currently. I have seen people suffering from it very closely. I have also seen my neighbor in Nepal got the covid, they just tested and kept themselves isolated and everyone got recovered but please don't generalize. Millions of people dying world wide is not just politics. Vote for your favorite and but don't spread what Trump is spreading to get elected.
Please keep covid out of politics. You realize only when you or your close relative get suffered
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यो मूजी नासेलाई किन लाग्दैन यो कोरोना? हे भौवन यो मूजी नास भोलि यही साझामा आएर "need blood urgently for plazma therapy for my relative who is in ICU" भनेर रोएको हेर्न पाम
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नास यह मूर्ख,
little knowledge and Incomplete information is dangerous.

Covid-19, flu and even common cold, all are infectious airborne contagious respiratory illnesses.
They all have similar symptoms but it doesn’t mean Covid is just a flu and flu is just a common cold.
Covid-19 could be much more serious. It has killed over 1 million people.
Nas, do you even know Covid-19 is a coronavirus :)
Why Covid-19 is also called SARS-CoV-2?

Nas, you foolish, foolish Trump supporter,
Hari Bahadur And Madan Bahadur are not same person because they have Bahadur in common.
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डेभ ड्याटजी,
तपाईलाई अहिले कस्तो छ? हजुर त हराउनु भो नि, सबै कुशल मंगल त होला नि! शीघ्र स्वास्ठलाभको कामना गर्दै छम!
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I had immense respect for Nas bro. After reading his post on Trump and the way he thinks Covid is just like a normal flu ( just like the way Trump thinks), bro you lost my respect :). Trump human nai hoina. He has no empathy. Yo election ta honestly i think raachhes ra deuta bich ko yudhha jasto laagi raa chha.
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धन्यवाद बेनीबजार, घोघन र सत्याNAS, जी हरू, Luckily अहिलेसम्म हामीलाई ठीकै छ। Really appreciate your concern and Well wishes.
The intentions behind this thread was to share my firsthand experience when someone contracts Corona Virus, and how it personally affected our family. Not to seek any kind of attention.
However we live in a world where filth of a human beings like ख्वासा हाकु also live. It felt like the degenerate kicked me when I was already down, so I had to move away from all this toxicity to calm myself and care for the family. Now we feel we have recovered well, but don't want to celebrate too soon. Like सत्याNAS mentioned, it can less potent than Flu, for me experienced a body aches like I had never experienced. Had I known it was CoVid19 then the recovery my stress level might have been in different level. Luckily for us I tested only when the symptoms started getting better. Anyways thanks for those who are genuinely concerned.
One rude awakening was, we may have expected too much out of the Healthcare system but feels like they are just checking the boxes and have already surrendered to the fact that the spread cannot be contained. there is nothing called contact tracing or even the number of infected people is not real.
Anyways COVID19 is as real as FLU, the loss of taste and smell is real, like flu kills too many in a year COVID definitely will kill that many if not more. So keep safe people, don't brag too much if you have not been infected yet, it will find you and It might kill you...
Thanks again for good wishes, hope we made a complete recovery(it's too early).
Oh one important fact for atleast men You do lose your Libido, that can happen for any illness though, for me it came back in a week, so I am Nutting this november, and I need my dopamine shots...
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ककब्लकर को अनुकम्पा भयो भने, सेक्सी बुडिले मर्सिफक देली, नत्र जगन्नाथ, डोपीमिन सट त हो चाहिने, रेडिटमा एमेच्योर पोर्न हेर्दै।
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बिल म्हार ले भन्थ्यो हामि अमेरिकनको इम्युनिटी सबै भन्दा न्युन छ त्यो बढाउँन तिर लाग्नु पर्यो नत्र भबिस्यमा यस्ता महामारी आई रहन्छन |
एसियाली रास्ट्रको कोभिड बाट मर्नेको रेसियो कम हुनु को कारण हाम्रो इम्युन अझै ठिकै छ बन्नु पर्यो | मेरो छिमेकी काकी ७६ पुगेकीले पनि पचाईन तिमि देउचा लाइ किन माथि पुग्थ्यौ र ?
Keyser Söze
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ट्रंप baaje स्वाभिमानी ho bhane Covid लाग्दा flu shot lina parne tara Walter Reed hospital gayera basyo. K kura garnu tyasta ko.
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डाभे ब्रो, चिसो मौसममा बच्चाहरू बिहानिपख मस्त निंद्रामा हुंछन, ब्रोले यो winter मा dance गर्ला जस्तो छ :)
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हेर केटाकेटी हो। ४५ले हार्यो, मैले बाजी नि हारें, पैसो गयो, तर बुढी खुस भै, सेक्सी टाईम हुने चानस थियो, मुजी कोभिड लागेर सब खतम। एकदिन ट्राई गरेको राम्रो प्रदर्शन भएन, आझै कमजोरी बाँकी नै छ। बुढी नि त्यती फ्रेश भा छैन, दरो KLPD भो झ्याक्ने कोरोनाले।
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