What stocks to buy -- Any recommendation
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With market down and no clear solution in sight, it looks to be trending down for some time. I think there might be some opportunity for buyers to scoop out some stocks at discount price.

Anyone has any suggestion on what they have their eyes set on?

I am planning to buy some commodity stocks including some oil. Staying away from airline, food and hospitality (at least for near future).
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Good luck Drogba
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For anyone interested on ER of Dtmxf.this is 2020. m hoping hype ll build up till q1 21 ER and price ll rkt..good luck.
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drogba, dtmxf has scary little volume. Is that all you running all the trades for that volume???
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@Talukhulie . Good question regarding DTMXF. Just putting it out here for visibility.

OTC is risky, not all brokers would have it and some might charge fees.

I had posted some Reddit DD and YT videos in the past, Please go thru it. CEO pretty much said going to have blow out year.

My main reason to be in this one is Covid play,AI and Blockchain, Teleheatlh. I personally also think great fundaments. ( Please go thru their client list)

Plenty of catalyst coming soon.
Up 264% and we already know Q1 is gonna be better then Q4. I am looking for .75-.80 by May and possible $1-$2 .

Also for some VOLUME is a concern . But one exception to it , when you have done your due diligence and concluded that you have found a good company that has yet to be discovered. It might be an advantage. When Volume increase we should have good ROI.

Good Luck. I am currently sitting on 80k @.22  position, It might dip this wk cuz of ER. Although its a bad ass ER but did not meet expectation. I think some sell off will be there. But m planning to add up to 100k if dip.

 I m seeing easy 1-2 mid to long term.

Not a FINANCIAL advise.

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Drogba bro, started position in DTMXF with 12k @0.23.
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. Bump
No new buys, averaging down on TCNNF, SOLCF, PLTR, MBRX, LGHL, DPW, LODE.
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Guys why most of EV market down trend. Loosing money everyday ? I am tired of averaging down. Plug, Fulecell, clean energy and otlk
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Definitely crypto market 2021…just like 2000 .com bubble…looks like transfer of investment is happening right in front of our eyes…all cruptos are on fire…i had some etc.x @15 and i cant believe it hit 150+ today… reason shorts cant borrow and hedge by dumping massive numbers….for that reason i like crypto but some meme cryptos have no value in long term…just like MC and VISA….i think btc.x and etherium are only long term…

Gl all…on side note most of stocks look bargain now….
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Added few hundred wkhs
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Buy the dip buy the dip. Bhanda bhanda 60k fasi sako. 10k down. Aba ta basne ho ram ram bhandai. Baru halka crypto khelnu parne rahe cha. Fk my luck
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The darkest hour is just before the dawn, or so the saying goes.

Based on the broad market technicals, the overall market seems to hint that it will go higher early next week but of course my conjecture also depends on the nature of news releases to come.
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Its bloodbath out there.
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Yes it is. I am slowing down after today
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WTF is going on with the stock mkt thesedays? it's been on a constant decline lately. Too many institutional players gobbling up the money.
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taking break from stock market. letting it do its thing. I loaded SHIB (in millions) and DOGE. ll make some hustle while i wait for stonk. Only got eye on VYGVF again around 16-18.
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lost about 28% from all time high. Trimmed some speculative plays

I am holding

$ITRM averaged down to $1.19
NAKD avg 0.53

I am also swinging SAVE, CCL, NCLH between $25-$30

playing IHT, AHT, SQFT, and MDRR .

$CCIV is also a good swing play for me.

*not a advice, just what is working for me right now.
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Playing wid IHT today
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18 mil SHIB. lets see if this ll go to .01 or 10 cents. great wknd guys.
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Drogba Bro, could not found SHIB.
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shib is crypto my bad..i bought off kucoin..but they should be on or etc..
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