IT Business Analyst/QA - training and placement HELP!!!
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Reaching out to fellow readers to find out if they can give me word of mouth advise on company/consultancy that can help me with placement. I have already had training in past but need to brush up.

I have tried out number of portals to reach out to different companies but like these days almost all of them are training workshop (with cost included) and that is all. So, I am reaching out to broader online community to get referral.

Looking for logistic help in placement.
Open for any location

Please DM/reply to thread with suggestion and I will always be indebted for your help/advise.
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There r tons in New Jersey area they also provide free housing n fooding until u get placement.check with below.
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Kam na paun jel yesto garnus.
Amazon ma review lekhnus. Saman pani free ma aaucha ani commission pani paincha. Mero monthly lag bug 1 hajar kamai huncha. Afulie na chaine saman sabai Facebook Marketplace ma sasto ma bechdinchu.
Signup garnus 
Amazon account link garnus 
Saman kinnus 
PayPal marfat refund ani commission pani
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Thanks for advise.

I had contacted IT America but I don't think they are too much interested to place people in BA. Still keeping my option open with them though.

@bhattaramesh: I am running doordash, uber/lyft and making some band-aid living looking for some profession to make it permanent (enjoyable) living. Thanks for your valuable advise on new income stream. Appreciated.

Hem Narayan Chhantyal
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hello dude if u already have primary source of income lyft / uber then dnt stick to qa/ba. qa ba ll not give u that enjoyable living not its a permanent position. if u want a permanent position in IT u have to learn CODE, there is no shortcut for that. since ur a driver i feel u have a green card. take ur time learn to code, u will not learn in overnight. IT america in NJ is not recommended but so are other consultancies. once ur in OK level of coding then go to consultancies.
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Elaborate your Uber/Lyft experience so he can think of driving or not driving ride share before going to get training to be a IT guy.

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Uber/Lyft/Doordash is good but work/life balance is challenging and on top of it you have to deal with people from different background, which is not always pleasant experience.

From city where I live in and my (not so great) experience with driving companies, I giving more than gaining. Hence, looking for career change.
Hem Narayan Chhantyal
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whats ur major n visa status?
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major BA and minor Comp sci, so trying BA.

Status: no work status restriction (now- 5 years at least)
Hem Narayan Chhantyal
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if u dont have working restriction and if u dnt need h1b anyone can sell u in market even IT america are good marketers but not good trainers, they were/are good marketers for oracle hyperion.
since u have a computer science base u can make yourself familiar with basic code lines that are essential in IT.

IT in america is rewarding, it can change ur graph within few years, go with any consultancies in NJ that has lodging n fooding, expect nothing from them except marketing, they can palce u in a while but u have to develop ur survival tool by yourself. teach yourself to CODE, you wil have very less or no suffering at all on any projects
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How tough is python? How likely getting job on python itself? Any suggestions?
Hem Narayan Chhantyal
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python is very easy as well as object oriented and open source platform for beginners. so if u can write codes in python u can handle pretty much any job in IT, but u have to learn other languages to be in safe side, but if u know python u can pretty sure migrate/interchange any lapteform
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