Job! Job!! Job!!!
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Bista Tarka Raj
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hi frands,

i am come form nepal and pass 10+2 (education faculty siraha campus), i have 2 weak computer training n fast type both english nepali. i am also experince english techer in villagge.

I am look for a job in bank or good companies reception, teaching etc . now im stay at Texax with uncle. Im english speaking is good and also write.

please cal me for job if u contact any of frends or another.

also im not look for gas station or store job. only please contact for table job.

i am very thank thankful to you.
please contact me
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Bista Tarka Raj
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This is table job. only please contact for table job. I move nc dc everywere. i have 2 weak computer training n fast type both english nepali. i am also experince english techer in villagge.
I look month not less 3000 saliree
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America is English but made with different non English speaking people. In between no need to speak English. Spanish speak Spanish, Cinese speak Chinese so on..
With your English writing and speaking I suggest u need to invest little more time speaking and getting education if you want bank job or teaching jobs. Until then work in store or restaurant job. With your dedication in Education you will land in any job u want in future.
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Join college brother, you will get student assistant and other on campus position (table job), you DV winner and seems very much eager to learn, you will settle in good job very soon.
Bista Tarka Raj
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tks for suggest, itahariko, gaulejetho, my uncle here form ten yaer. my uncle tell me going colege is wast money. All american only study +2 in america can easy get table job. I have experince english techer in villagge and 2 weak computer training n fast type both english nepali.and Im english speaking is good and also write.
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I agree some small company I have seen CEO high school graduate and workers PHD/master from china, India, Nepal but this is NOT applicable everywhere.
Another thing keep in mind ,in Nepal we do not learn well, here some good high school graduates excellent in critical thinking, analytical and public speaking... so can easily survive in job market. basically college degree is piece of paper for them.
You said you are english teacher but you mention 2 Weak instead of 2 weeks, techer instead of teacher, colege instead of college, wast instead of waste ,all red flags that type of English is not acceptable in america brother.
Your uncle seems not that knowledgeable so try to see out of box. stay away from negative people or you will end up pay check to pay check class. this is different WORLD, No chakadi, chaplusi works here.
Good Luck

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Call a dhoti consultancy be an engineer in 2 months. Only possible here
Bista Tarka Raj
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tks for suggest ehho2, i have 2 weak computer training n fast type both english nepali
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This Bista guy is playing with everyone. Nobody's English can be so bad.
Bista Tarka Raj
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tks Deke, Im english speaking is good and also write. SLC I has 48 marks and +2 I has 46 marks. In Nepal I study Himalyn post everday.So my english speaking is good and also write.Also, I play everone my frend nepal with Fotball and kircket.
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Bista Tarka raj
You english very good. You can job apply professor in USA. You very good english be a english teacher in America. Can you teach I how to English speak?I America live 10 years but english no good.
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Your english and two week computer training does not give any other jobs except gas station job. you can not do even gas station jobs with out help from other Nepali brothers.
Bista Tarka Raj
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tks for suggest 200times, damar, you english no parfet but good. ten yaer live amarica you will has good english. im not look for gas station or store job or restruent job. only please contact for table job. i look munde from fride form nine morneing to five nite job. satarde and sonde holyde. plase job offer. tks.
Bista Tarka Raj
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hi frands,
many papole massage me and tolding me im have to impruv my english befor table job. i m problem, big, big big problm, my english poor, baby poor, indian type , they are comment n remarks on me, but my teaching good i m understand to them but not very good..
now i want my english happy but also sad ..i always speak english in home outside but village study mine.. skool also government..please hepl fast recovery of english..

i want get well of my english very soon..please advise me i recovery me english very soon. thx
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Bista Tarka Raj
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tks for suggest 200times, Im no do wasting everbody time. Im here vary vary plase ask for hlep. I'm lok for table job. my english poor, baby poor, indian type. Im ned help to fond table job and meke good english. Im is experince english techer in villagge. nepal villagge i english vary vary good english, here in amarica baby poor, indian type english. my uncl unedarstend I tell i has good english but orther tel i not good english. but i ned good table job in amarica. and mary beefutable nepali gril in amarica who is sutdy here and good english.
Bista Tarka Raj
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I am look for job again, anybody look job for me?
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with such English god help
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Lol, यो तर्क राज भन्ने को हो प्रस्ट हुँदैछ :)
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ब्रो को २ कम्पुटर ट्रेनिङमा निकै जोड दिनु भएकोले के ट्रेनिङ लिनु भयो त्यो लेखिदिनु भएको भए सल्लाह दिने हरुलाई सजिलो ( राहत ) हुन्थ्यो ! फास्ट टाईप गर्न सक्नु राम्रो स्किल हो |

काकाजिले कालेज जान सुझाब दिनु भएन तेसो हुनाले ब्यापार तिर लाग्दा कसो होला ? ट्प्स्२ग्क ब्रो ले अबस्य लगानी बिसयमा केही सुझाब दिन पछी नपर्नु होला ?

You look table job by yourself.

डि.भि परेका इन्स्पेक्टर साब् लाई ३-११ को शिफ्टमा (मिट प्याकिङ्मा ) छिराए पछी जे गर्न पनि तयार भएका थिए र भेटेको जे जब पनि गर्न तयार भएका थिए | बिष्ट ब्रो लाई "तयारी मान्सिकता" को तयारी तिर लगाउदा कसो होला ?
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साझाँ आउने कुनै कुनै पोस्ट येतैकै रमाइला हुन्छन, मूजि एउटा एउटा कम्मेन्ट पनि नछुटाई पढौ पढौ हुन्छ । पोस्ट सहि थियो गलत थियो , ट्रोल थियो तेस्को बिस्लेसन एउटा पाटो होला तर मूजि हल्का रुपमा,बिना पुर्बाग्रह पढ्दा हासेर पेटै दुख्यो । लोगन्या कम्मेन्ट पढेर झन् रमाइलो भयो । कुनै कुनै कुराँ लोगन्या म नि ठुलै फ्यान हु । "ट्प्स्२ग्क ब्रो" भनेको चै मैले बिझिंन, कसैले बुझ्यो के भन्न खोज्या?
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