TPS re-registration mailed today. Let's hope for the best.
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In the USCIS web page it has mention not to pay or submit any form until USCIS updates official re-registration information on their webpage.
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How could you possibly register when USCIS website strictly says NOT to submit or make payment any form until USCIS website says so ? Take a look at TPS page
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What an uneducated dumbass!
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Decision has already been made about tps for Nepal. So it s sooner the better if you mail it now. Why wait? You know where to send and how to fill out.
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@dhasukha: Man, why are there so many idiots like you in the world? I am glad tps ended because dumb bitches like you don't deserve to be here.
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You read all the detailed information on how to fill up the application. But how can u forget to read the main instruction of not to send any paperwork without notice here bhanne. Let us know if you are the first one to get EAD though. I would be happy for you or anyone benefited
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Upabujruk ko kami chaina katai
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How can someone miss the main point on that TPS page. They have clearly said not to mail the documents and fees. What if the fees or document requirement had will just be wasting your time and doing double work atleast. But good luck. Hope it works out for you earlier than anyone else.
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ramlama_2018: bro timi internet pachadi vakole aru j pani vandine? yesle nai vancha kasle k deserve garcha vanera..
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Last time when they renewed TPS, there was a similar "Alert" message but they didn't change anything. So my guess is that they aren't gonna change anything this time also.

Or may be they are waiting for us to protest the decision made by the Secretary.
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Kalisha Singh

........... Prashant Sainju

Kalisha Sainju
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haku is back
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ओ तमु बाउचा, लाज सरम डु कि मरु ?
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आफ्नो सानो ढुक्कुरको रामकहानी भन्दै साझामा खुलेआम इज्जतको निलामी गर्ने मान्छेले अरुलाई सोधेको रे "लाज सरम डु कि मरु?"
कस्ता कस्ता मान्छे होलान। हरे शिव।
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एट लिस्ट, हाकुको सानो ढुक्कुरको पुराण भन्दा त बेटर छन होलान माथिका फोटोहरु। कसैको त आटँ रहेछ गर्लफ्रेन्ड सँग चुम्मी मारेको फोटो खुलेआम पोस्ट गर्न। यहाँ हाकुले भाको नभाको कुरा गरेर सब अट्टेन्शन आफुमा गरेको छ। के भन्ने के अब? साझा खोल्न पनि अरु को छन वरि-परी हेर्न पर्ने भो, मोराको "ढुक्कुर सानो भो र" "सेक्स नभाको ९ बर्ष भो" भन्ने पोस्ट आउछ अगाडि।
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