Ek jana sathi lai sapat deko firtai didaina vancha k garna milcha?
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Ma college parda ko sathi thyo ek jana, asylum file garera green card banayecha. ani yo barsa balla nagarikta payecha (jindagi kai upalabdi thancha, padhai sadhai kehi chiana).

tyo sathi arko state ma gayo settle hune hisable, tesko ghar malai her vanera gayo. Rent tirnu pardaina, utility, electricity, ra water matra tiir vanera gathyo. pachi internet pani tirauna thalyo.
dedh barsa jati basey.

Ghar ramro thiena, fohor thyo ghar. teta move huna ali hichkichayerai basyau. aile ayera ghar bechnu paryo vanera aja ko voli nai weekly tirnu parne extended stay hotel ma bas vanera malai lagyo. Aile ma arkai thau ma sari. Gharma aru pani rent ma basthyo. sabai kura verbal agreement ma vayeko ho.

Tara tesle ghar bechnu ek mahina agadi ghar repair garnu paryo vanera ma sita dui teen hajar jati sapat magethyo ani fall semester suru hunu agadi nai sabai chukta garchu vaneko thiyo. maile didiye tiri halcha ni vanera. tara ahile ayera paisa magda ghar safa garna lai 1200 lagyo, batti, internet ko termination fee (uskai name ma vayeko account) ko paisa pani malai charge garayera paisa natirne, "Good luck with your life" vanera text pathayo.

Ma sita tesle paisa sapat mageko, ani transaction garda kherko text message conversation sabai surakhshit cha.

Ma euta student hu, saki nasaki college ko fee tirna paisa jamma gareko thiye aile fall semester suru huna lagisakyo testo vanera dhoka diracha.

Sajha members haru le kehi raya sujhab dinu vaye ma dherai abhari hune thiye.
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Sue him on small claim court
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@Crodiks ji:

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I am thinking about suing him. But I am totally blank how to initiate, because he is in different state (North Dakota).
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Take him to small claims court like crodiks said.. aba college jani student raichau... google garna aumcha hola garnu... those texts will help
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Check if your state allow small claim for out of residents. If not, here is a link that might be helpful for small claim in North Dakota.
Gandharba has some points. He might counter sue you for rent and utilities of 1.5 years worth.
His asylum claim is irrevalant.
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Tyasko chaak maa dantha padkauna napugya raixa Rajj Bhai. Aru kei haina.
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Let it go.

Think of the 2-3K as the rent you paid for 1.5 years. Even if the rent was $200/mo., you've used that much money.

More importantly, if you are the honest person you sound like, I am sure there are people who will be willing to lend you to pay for tuition this fall. Eventually, when you start earning, this amount is going to be so small that you will regret taking someone to court over it. Taking someone to court is easier said than done; it is going to cost you financially -- and, more importantly, emotionally. Again, it sounds like you are a nice person to trust your friend and lend money to him when he needed it. If the friendship breaks, it's his loss, not your. Life is too short to be delving over people like your friend. Focus on bigger things, and don't let this experience make you judge other people (i.e., when you get richer and see people in need, please continue to help them). It is possible that you friend is also going through some challenges; best to remember: it's often the circumstances that make people a&%holes.

Take it from someone who is likely much older than you.

A few years ago, I had a friend who stayed with me for months. I basically fed him and provided a roof. He was going through life's shit. Around the time he left, we sort of did the math and figured that he was going to pay me an amount. I was pretty bankrupt then but had to lend money to my friend because he needed it more than I did. At least that's how understood it. The friend eventually went to another place, earned money and all. I was hesitant to ask for the money. Looking at it now, it was a small amount, although a big share of my budget back then. There was a time in between, when I decided to go to grad school and with various things happening to my family, I was very tight on finances and that amount could have made a big difference. I asked my friend if he can lend me some money or at least give me the money he owed. To be honest, I was hurt when he couldn't. I am sure he had his reasons (possible that he also happened to be tight on finances around that time), but I was surprised and a little hurt nonetheless. Friendship broke and we haven't really spoken in years. That amount is peanuts compared to what I now make. I feel bad that our friendship broke but feel great that I didn't go after the money repeatedly, because in the grand scheme of things, it didn't matter.

In the grand scheme of things, your $2-3K is not going to matter. It is a big amount now. It matters now. Trust me, it wont later. What will matter later is your big heart, your hard work. But if you lose track of bigger things and start going after people for money you've lent and for their lack of reciprocity, you will always be lost. And it will be your loss. Don't do it to yourself.

Call me Gandhi if you wish (and some in this forum might too), but you will thank me later.

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Thuldai is absolutely right. If you had to pay rent it would have been more than what you lend him. Forgive and Forget. Like he said it will not even matter later in life. The show must go on
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Regarding money: once it is out of your hand , think it's not coming back. I have over 10K to collect now it is bad debt.
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Yra nice speech .why not give the brother a 3k since it is not a big amount for you now but it is for him? Let's see if you practice what you preach.
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@teroobau: I am still confused if to sue him or not. I am not much
worried about the money, but for what he said, specially the blatant lies
to exuse himself from paying me back. I could have just forgiven him for what he owe if he had told me that he didn't have money. But that excuse made me mad.

@pepsi: I don't know how he filed assylum, I have very limited information about that
and no proof to black my claim. I would rather not do that.

@YRA (Thuldai): I really appreciate your valuable inputs. That's what I have in my mind. I have already acknowledged it as the rent I paid, and in the end, as you said, it won't even matter.

@Crodiks: He will have to think twice to counter sue me, as he signed the reference document to the new apartment after I moved out agreeing that, I have paid all the dues, and I have no liability towards him. Even if he did, there is record of money deposited to his account from mine for each month.

@magorkhe1: I assume that's what I can do for my happy life. He lost a good friend. I never saw this coming from him. Valuable lesson learnt.

@Jahbless: Thank you for your support, it really doesn't matter. I had to post this because I was really hurt for his confession.

@sidaNepali: I would love to accept that, but for I really appreciate all of our Sajha member's suggestions and that is just enough to compensate my hurt feelings.

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You did not lost a good friend , he was a sucker and took advantage of you. Sometimes it is hard to let go because the money we save is not from corruption.
Do you have proof ? Check written to him? Or any friend witnessed?
If you do , go to small claim court, he need to learn lesson.
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Lesson no 1: You don't go to a Casino to win money, you go to a Casino to lose money and have fun. Occasional winnings are rare and you just got super lucky. Similarly, you don't lend money to somebody in hopes of getting it back. You lend money, only if you think the other person really needs it and there's a fair chance that you will never see it back. If you get it back, you got super lucky.

Having said that, if you can move on. Move on. If not, then sue his ass off in a small claims court as suggested earlier. If every one of us start moving on, these people will never learn a lesson.
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१६ वर्ष पछि मेरो ऋणिले घर गाउलेको सामु ऋण लिएको कबुल गरे अब चै साउ मात्रै भए पनि पाइन्छ कि भन्ने फितलो आशा टुसाउदै छ |
तपाइको पनि कहिँ ऋणिको दिमाग फर्किएला !
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Yesta manche dherai chan. Manche chinnu nai thulo kura ho
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