Divorce in Nepal
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My bro is NRN and just got married in Nepal 4 months back. It was arranged type of marriage and now they both are realizing that they are not compatible and don't ave feelings for each other. both parties are seeking for divorce now but the problem is their marriage is not registered. What would be the proceed to get divorced in this type of situation? Does anyone have any experience like this? Please share.
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If it is not registered then no legal proceedings just can go both of their own ways with understanding
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@ many,
But it was a social ceremony and heard that it is like registering a marriage. Should he consult a lawyer? Any other similar experiences. Please let us know. Thank you
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If your sister in law is claiming a share of your brother's property, the social ceremony counts. If there is no argument over property distribution, they can just go their separate ways (no legal divorce required).
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But can he marry any other girl in future if he wants to without having legal divorce? Would that be a problem?
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There won't be any problem as long as the two of them end in good terms. Your brother can marry another girl in the future, but your current sister in law will still be able to legally claim a share of your brother's property.
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So that would be a problem. He wants to end it in good terms and doesn't want carry anything from this marriage. Can they talk about the share of brothers property and settle it down now.
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Like Mily said they can settle it right now. And on top of it for any future protection for your brother he can use a lawyer and make a draft saying she has withdrawn her rights to claim anything further from him from this date. And if she signs and they end it up in good term nothing will be a problem in future
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Just have her sign a divorce paper if you both agree to do so.
You don't need marriage certificate, have some witness and you are done.
It's less than a 5 minute job.
You guys above are thinking too much.
Agadi bata naak chuna milcha, kina tauko pachadi bata ghumayera laanu paro ?
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