Going to Nepal via Delhi airport
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Hey friends,

I contacted some travel agents to buy tickets to Nepal. Out of the few options I got, the ones with routes via Delhi airport looks good pricewise. But I've heard that the passengers have to face lot of hassles at Indian airports. Can anyone suggest me in this one? How is Mumbai airport different from Delhi airport? Coz I got some offers via Mumbai airport as well.

Will really appreciate your valuable suggestions.
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I dont know about Delhi, but I went to Nepal recently via Mumbai Airport. And to be honest my friend, India and  some Indians are not like what U usually hear and read daily in FB pists or somethere else. Atleast I did not find any hint like that. I was treated like any other foreign passengers with respect and dignity. WIthout any double thought, I will recommend anyone to fly via India (at least for a life time experience and to remove fear and misconception). Good luck.
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thats  correct nepaliko choro, only thing is they should have added more entertaintment stuff , generally connection to nepal has long waiting period.
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I don't think you have to face any trouble via Delhi. The airport is nice and I didnot experience any trouble last time I visited Nepal. The service was good and the airport was really nice and clean. I think they even ranked the second best airport in the world. So I don't think you should worry about it. Rather I will suggest you be more careful at TIA.
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 Delhi airport sucks! If an opportunity is available, the dhoti government officers will rip you off. They won't let you take a whole lot of Indian currency from the airport. Have you seen their currency exchange rate? It is insanely low. You will start to see real India from the Delhi International airport. Once you get out of the airport, you will have hard time finding a taxi. they have prepaid taxis, but they don't work efficiently. The drivers choose passengers. 
At the airport, if you have a greencard, they will take forever to evaluate it. AND DO NOT MAKE YOUR TRANSIT VIA HONGKONG. While returning back to US, the Delhi airport took forever to confirm my tickets. I was the last passenger to catch the plane. You know, I had to run all the way to the f*8king plane. And they offered me nothing. 
If you are going to Nepal and you have a overweight luggage, they will charge you Rs 200 per kg. If it is too heavy, they will take you to a room and ask lots of question. They might take bribe at this point. 

You will start hating India from delhi airport. I'm sure you will see real India. Welcome to DHOTILAND!!!
shrestha babu
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Last time i went through delhi airport i noticed that they treated people according to how they look. If you look classy they will treat you with class but if you look pakhey and behave like khatey they treat you like a khatey.

Needless to say i had no complaints whatsover and i recommend it to any self respecting Nepalis.
shrestha babu
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Lopchandai please upload your picture so people know they should avoid delhi if they look like you.
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I have been through delhi airport multiple times and have not had any issues.
Part of it will depend on the kind of connection that you take interns of baggage weight etc. you have to make sure the connection is on the "same ticket/ itirenary".
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Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Really helped me to take a decision.
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@ Yuvaraj,

I could not understand what you meant by "connection for baggage weight". Since, Delhi airport is just a transit airport, why should we bother about this baggage weight there? Are not we checking out the baggages directly in TIA airport?
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If your connection is not with the same airlines or one of it's code share partners, then you need to claim your baggage at Delhi airport and have to re-check them again. While rechecking  you need to be aware of the fact that the baggage allowance from the US/ Canada differs from that of baggage allowance from India to Nepal. That's where they try to rip you off. 

If you are flying with the same airlines, you will get the boarding card at one of the transfer desks. However if you have two different tickets and have Nepali passport, they would want you to pass through immigration, customs, baggage-claim, re-check in and everything. If you have any other passports without Indian visa, they would issue you a temporary boarding pass which allows you to get into the transit area, where you will get your boarding pass after a custom officer is satisfied. 
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Agree with above.
it has to be like jet airways to delhi a and jet airways to ktm or air India to delhi and air India to ktm
Or other 'code share' flights.
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Thank you Hairybicep and Yuvaraj.
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 @ Lopchandia - ' Dhoti government' what an intellectual language. I am not not surprised that they picked on you. 
Last edited: 31-Mar-13 03:20 PM
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@laureni, You sounded like lopchan deserved the way he was treated at Delhi airport. And thats your intellectual intention? Good job.. He was just sharing his experience, whats wrong with that? Experience, some are sweet, some are bitter..
Btw, Nepalese do look like indians if they're aryans(not trying to be racist) 
but indigenous people with mongol face, are the most as 'chaukidaar/guards' in India who also are Nepalese. 
In another thread, someone pointed out the fact about Northeastern indian (who looked similar to indigenous nepalese) whom local authority picked on mistakenly. So, yeah. you are a Nepalese and aryan looking, probably you'll go through without hassle but if you look chinky-eyed(no pun intended), short height and with no proper dress, you may probably face some unneeded obstacles. 
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Shrestha babu, I have a picture that reveals my class. But shall I really upload my picture? There is also your mother in the picture. 
shrestha babu
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Lopchandai haha it doesnt bother me to know that you fantasize about your mom. I knew you were a khatey.
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 They used to take passport away for hours while at Delhi Airport.  Do they still do that?
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 Shrestha babu, don't get excited! I didn't say anything against your mother. I just said she is also in the picture. I might be talking to her about you. I might be bowing her with respect. Common man, don't think too much. But, I do fantasize about hot moms. My friend's hot mom is one of my favorite sections when I'm watching porn. I don't think you watch porn. Do you?
Nepali American, they still do that. It was last year, they did that to me when I was returning from Delhi to USA. It looks like they haven't seen the new permanent resident card. 
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नेपाली पासपोर्ट लिएर हालसालै कोही दिल्ली वा मुम्बईबाट काठमाडौ जानु/आउनुभएको अनुभव छ? कोरोना अलिक शान्त भएपछि २-४ दिन भारत घुमेर नेपाल जाने बिचारमा छु.
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