Posted by: controversial April 29, 2018
TPS rant and rave ! Your govt. failed you!!
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And out of that 8500 , 8000 will never send a dime to nepal. 

are you serous bro?  do you have any data to backup ? 
do you  even know how economy works? or you just saw few bad apples in surroundings? 
First of all it doesn't even have to be direct,  hope you know. 

I heard the same argument about Indians forgetting roots, settling here but when usa talks about cutting of H1B, the whole community outcries and  Indian govt. officials immediately flies here for lobbying. why ?  because they have the real raw data , not the guess work. 

Lets trust your guess work says only 1000 sends money,  saudi money earned on average is at best 20000 RS.  per month, minimum in usa is $4000/month for hard work that is 20x  better. so  1000 workers here in A/C is equivalent to 20,000 workers in saudi's hot desert. still better right ? do the math. your commie govt is not that smart. 

the way  economy works is directly and indirectly. Even someone shopping mom and pop store here  linked to export import goods from nepal for one example. Lets go minimal,   even if  those 9000 contribute just lousy $200  (which is so low and very unlikely)  that's same amount of 9000 workers in Saudi. math is amazing and constructive. but jealousy  is damaging and destructive !!

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