Posted by: controversial April 28, 2018
TPS rant and rave ! Your govt. failed you!!
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 TPS Nepali govt lai sodhera diyeko thiyo? 

you're exactly right and it has no obligation to request either But the another fact is that your govt is also a beggar, look at the news, it's begging korea, begging malaysia, Quatar etc asking  requesting threatening for better terms. The only last thing left is to do "haadtal"  in prospective country LOL. Last time I heard is they begged China for employment.  9000 is big no. if you count what Korea initially provided employment ( 5000 i  think) and people and govt. were salivated  big. What people can earn in USA is 4 times than Korea.  Why would you want to ignore something that came to your "Polta" ma so easily without negotiation (exactly nobody asked hence no begging  needed lol) and start begging another country for so much less ? That's all i'm saying.  It doesn't make sense at all much looks like bureaucracy -jealousy  laziness etc.  thus rave rants whatever here. 

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