Posted by: controversial April 28, 2018
TPS rant and rave ! Your govt. failed you!!
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Many of were in dire need of TPS yet your communist govt. bragged we can take care of people our-self and proceeded to ignore the lobbying what it looks like from this news.

Now your commie govt. wants 9000 nepalis back so that they can be queued to send Saudi Arab for Riyal instead of Dollar. LOL so fuked up if you think about it....

I do not need tps but glad for people who needed. I personally not always eager to help nepalis but collectively it was free from american govt. so instead of jealousy I thought it is helping Nepal overall which I love most. I also do not think it should continue for 20 years, it has "T" there but nepal just got very lousy TPS deal , overall delay and fingerprint and approval they just got for 2 years in reality which is not fair comparing other countries which at least got 10 -15 years. But DHS got scared, I guess - children will born here if goes for many years and claim they cannot go back. I see what Haitian exploited when given generous years of TPS. BUT THE BIGGEST NEWS IS YOUR GOVT CLAIMS THEY ARE CAPABLE TAKING CARE OF YOU SO GO TUCK IN OR REVOLT !. LOL

Pour your feeling here since it is rants and rave and anything your'e not able to do or how you feel about it. But do not troll and talk shit about Tps holders ( but can talk constructive shit, I decide) I will immediately delete it.

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