BREAKING: TPS for NEPAL only 1,000 FASTEST will get it!!!"/>
Posted by: pepsi April 27, 2018
BREAKING: TPS for NEPAL only 1,000 FASTEST will get it!!!
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San, I know you don’t give a shit about the quality of contents in sajha coz you only care about number of clicks, impression, and ad revenue. However, as a long time sajha user, I feel that this too much and I should move on as many of other users that I know personally. I am tired of these threads that do nothing but troll other users. I do not see any moderations at all. People come here and start abusing others and you do nothing coz you don’t care anything other than ad money. I feel like you enjoy these dramas because it means more clicks to your site. I also feel like by doing this, you support these trolls on your website. It’s not that you cannot afford someone to moderate your site if you are too busy. However, you choose to not do so because of the reasons I mentioned above. Anyway, good luck with your website that was once a real sajha place for all Nepalese.
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