Posted by: 8848m April 6, 2018
Planning to go back to Nepal for good. Please advise.
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Nepalibhai Dai,
I am having same thoughts. Heading to Nepal not for good but at least a trial phase. Here no matter you ride a range rover or buy a 500K lavish house with 30 years payment plan, its all Credit and payments, it belongs to Creditor or bank end of the day. May be same way in Nepal but debt options are limited, they ask or need collateral in Nepal as far I know. I was talking with another dai who have been here since 1992 works on decent IT job, he said same thing, the system runs in credit, no matter how much money you make, you are still trying to catch up. There is limited surplus or savings here unless you really are making more than average Joe (400-500K a year). In a way, life becomes monotonous, same smile (Hi, Hows weekend, Kids Ok etc) to khaireys and Coworkers. You might have to do same in Nepal as well but end of day, you will be around your family members and society. Especially, birthdays, festivals, marriage and other rituals will be totally different compared to here unless you have few family members here. So, yes there is pros n cons no matter where you live, point is where will you be happy. Once the feeling of not being happy comes, it will be hard to get over as that feelings would not come in first place if you were already happy.
So, I will tell you my plan. I plan to go there for 3-4 months. Dashain-Tihar fun yes, but after that I want to explore Job/Business opportunities. How family and society acts after you are no longer guest, what are actual challenges to make living and settle down. With my education and experience, can I afford the living standard I plan over there ( Need at least a Car, hot water and weekends off Lol). I will basically, try to be member of society there and get a sense. If It works out well, I will plan to stay there. If it goes south, I will pack my suitcase and come back, 1-2 months of struggle, job searching etc then again back in track. Of course my home and family will always be in Nepal, but for my lifestyle choices, facilities, provision and freedom that States provide, I will stay here. I am not going to start from scratch again anywhere, life is too short for that. I will visit whenever I get chances like once a year or so and stay happy lol.
Also if you bring this topic in any nepali gatherings or parties, OMG ha ha circus, desh bhakta dekhi bidwan, dukha gareka dekhi dv pareka , kasile newyork po ta ho thau dekhi koi testo ma k basnu, Amale dekhi congress, sahar ko dhulo dekhi gau ma gayera banauni kulo, Mabhir pun dekhi liyeara Shesh Ghale, NRN dekhi liyera dual citizenship, kurai nagarau, yaha hanahan huncha kaslai k ramro ra naramro vanera pagaal banauchan.

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