Posted by: yestai_cha February 24, 2018
अम्रिकामा डाक्टर कसोरी बन्ने ??
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Here is my advice to you (I have medical background, educated and worked at hospitals here, and tried to become a MD myself, but couldn't do it because I was on student visa and that's the biggest and major hurdle. I am 34 and still really determined to pursue MD). Here is what you need to do stepwise:
1. Maintain your GC at any cost.
2. Find out whether or not your are passionate about medicine (i.e. alturistic feeling. Medicine is all about helping others). You can find your passion to medicine by doing volunteer work at free clinics, hospitals, homeless shelter, refugee centers etc. (use google to find them). Do this before you take any steps toward medicine.
3. If your Major reason to become a doctor is salary and respect, choose something else such as being a business owner or MBA etc.
4. Doing MBBS/MD outside US, and then coming back to practice medicine in US have severe disadvantages. Search Student Doctor Network (sdn) on google and do you research/homework there (hint: google IMG SDN/FMG SDN. I am just giving you head start, and at the same time trying not to spoon feed you).
5. After doing 1-4, If you still decide to become a doctor then use SDN as a tool to find what kind of grade/gpa you need. SDN should be one of your friend in your journey to become a doctor.

Note: 1) Forget how good/bad your 12 th grade is. What really matters is how well you do on your bachelor now on-wards. B
2) Not all doctors are employed by hospitals. Many doctor work for themselves. In simple terms, they go to hospitals they have contract with, see patients, and send bills to patients for their service i.e. patients gets 2 bills, 1 from doctor and 1 hospital.
3) Be humble/polite.

- A fellow MD aspirant

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