Posted by: abhisapta February 24, 2018
अम्रिकामा डाक्टर कसोरी बन्ने ??
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Only about 55% of international medical graduates ever match into a residency spot in US. Historically, the percent is even lower for Nepali med school graduates. Above percent is inflated by graduates from Australia, Ireland, Israel, and some medical diploma mills in carribean that cater to North American premeds. So DOMT GO OUT OF USA IF YOU WANT TO PRACTICE HERE. sure you’ll hear success stories of foreign grads but they’re the moniroity and not majority of cases. 

So, have patience, go get a four year degree. Start studying for MCAT in your sophomore year. Make good grades ( 3.5 gpa is almost too low for MD), volunteer in underserved areas, get involved in extra curriculars and get clinical experience ( working as EMT, CNA, OR SCRIBE and shadow physicians and build enough relationship to get you a letter of recommendation).

Have it all ready (and about 5k for application season) in the summer before your last year in undergrad. Then apply and don’t fck up in interview, you’ll get in! Don’t worry about the loans, we are Nepali so just use that 70%+ brain in real like with common sense. Live like a student one more year after residency and the loans will be paid off!

Make sure you grab your citizenship when eligible and don’t get into any legal or academic trouble. For medical school application in us, plagiarism is worse then DUI. So, Nepal ko jasto homework sarne chahi chaldaina ni!

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