Posted by: paani_ma_paade_jasto February 4, 2018
Employment based GC
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@IPMan , the jurisdiction change is hopefully good sign. Sometimes, they just transfer the cases to another office when the service center is very slow . Usually for interview, it is transferred to local office .
@Samrock, the cost mentioned is something I agree with. However, keep in mind that it is employers responsibility to pay for all h1b and gc related expenses. You are not suppose to pay any of this .

@Itahariko, If your employer is willing to do gc directly from opt, you can go for it. But also try to get h1b. If i-140 or 485 gets denied, though low chance, h1b will be life saver.

My case took more than 2 years starting from prevailing wages. 140 and 485 was concurrent. I-485 was approved a year after it was filed. Medical would have expired if it was 3/4 days late.
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