Posted by: unluckySir January 21, 2018
Travel to Nepal on H1 after 11 years
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Yes i feel the same when i look back, how did i stayed here for 11 years without visiting family even once. Life has not been easy here and thing never went as i thought or planned. So mine is same story as most of US students have that you might have already heard. But now i am trying to avoid it to be 12 years and stop answering everyone in Nepal on why i have not been back yet.
@DinDukhi, @thatAngryGuy and @redgidk
Yes H1B was the dream when i was in college and always told myself and parents that i will visit Nepal once i get H1. So now that i got it i am scared to go back thinking may be I won't be able to come back to US.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I was looking to see if anyone else went through this situation like mine.

Thank you all for your input. I am in same debate, why to take risk now after 11 year and why not just wait for couple of more years and get green card and then go.
I guess it is just individual luck. No one can guarantee the outcome and i will not know until i experience it.
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