Posted by: regidk January 17, 2018
Cryptocoin Mania bitcoin ether
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People, do not put your hard earned money into Bit Coin and shitz like that especially late in the game...Invest on cash producing business....if you want to give your money away...give it to your extended family members in Nepal..There are 1000s of people out there who are 10m times smarter than you are on these bit coin games you are playing now or planning to play...You never win a game with players who are more competent than you...Trick is to find opponent weaker than you are...and you will make some dough..

If any of you have seen Square...or used Square (credit card processing thing)...look at the stock price in 1's up 4 times....what will happen to square in 10 will probably be 200 dollar stock...because of it's need to small businesses..etc....

Check out fossil...the leather company plus watch company...expect the stock to double or triple in a year from now.....etc
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