Posted by: jigyasa1 January 11, 2018
Some Nepalis are not real Nepali.
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@sajhamitra, I think the user's intention in the original post was just to say that being a Nepali why not support a Nepali if that helps them in someway. I think that is a fair thought. Akhir afno manche le nai afno manche lai help garcha ki vanne aas huncha haina ra ? The whole TPS issue got here coz that is what lot of people are ranting about. In my opinion no one comenting here on Sajha are US born. Even if they are they will always be asked where is native from ? So, Nepal always stays with you. Also, when someone applied for a Visa they said they would return back but they didn't so no-one has the right to say that someone else's effort of dreaming a better life by working hard and following the law is not acceptable. They need to see their faces in mirror before talking about anybody else's. Someone complains about TPS, someone about DV, someone about IT . Stop complaining and start supporting is all we meant. After all, we are Nepali daju-vai didi-bahini in this far land. Spread love and support. Jai Nepal.
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