Posted by: khaikhok January 11, 2018
Some Nepalis are not real Nepali.
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So you don't like Nepal being presented as a desperate place huh? It is infact a desperate place and miserable place . I hate to say this but it's a fact. I've been to more that 23 districts in Nepal. You idiots must have watched some foreigners made documentries on Everest and think it's a beautiful country. It is pretty no doubt. But also one of the poorest and miserable country. People have no food to eat and no clothes to put on. Have you ever been outside of capital besides going for manakamana or Pokhara ?

Im not a tps beneficiary but I want it to continue for us.many won't spend money on prostitute, gamble. They work hard for themselves and families living in Nepal .

A father of 2 is on tps. He works a menial job 70+hr on a less than minimum wage. Why envy him? He is raising 2 kids in Nepal, feeding family of 7 including wife and disable father.

Let's not think aafno ta Bhai halyo arko ko Baal. We did not created TPS neither caused an earthquake. Once we came in light, who wants to go back into darkness and hide? It's like saving someone's life and take it back again .
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