Posted by: richard10000 October 26, 2017
Triglicerides High in Nepali, Why ?
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Sorry to hear about that! We Nepalese eat very unhealthy diets full of carbs and no balanced diet! If you combine rice, potatoes, cauliflower, Daal twice a day, then you are eating 90 % carbs and may be 10% fat or protein! You need to remember any intake is going to convert to fat! You could walk all day for 18 hrs, and you will be burning 200 calories! You need to be active at certain heart rate zone, where you started to burn fat.
          Our body uses calories to perform BMR, activities and so on . Some calories remaining will be stored in liver and muscle as a glycogen. If there is extra calories then they remain as TGL in serum and will be floating around for a while as there is nowhere to go; it will be stored in fat cells. High TGL will put pressure for your liver and pancreas. It is a risk factor of diabetes. Since insulin is made in pancreas; you wanna keep it in a good condition.That means Try some liver cleansing home remedies such as spicy, lime juice or lemon. Avoid eating banana, mangoes or sweet fruits with high GI index. Eat berries, kiwi, apples and oranges. Add whole grain such as barley or brown rice( watch your portion here; a quarter cup of cooked grains not 1 cup of rice). Stimulate your liver. Whenever you are doing lipid, please fast for 10-12 hours. You might have a fatty liver. Focus on eating green veggies, Avocado, eggs(whites), Salmon, Chicken,broccoli, Cauliflower. Try doing cardio or strength x3. Please check your Hemoglobin A1C. PM me if you have any questions.
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