Posted by: nepalbata October 5, 2017
Bank send me the IRS tax form
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Do not worry. Bank is not authorized to collect tax on behalf of US government. By law, $10000 is normally threshold for reporting in USA.
They may be sending you w-9 or w-10 forms to check( in layman word )Nationality- I mean to confirm whether you are Nepali, USA. That is important as a record so that you are taxed appropriately- like tax as US resident, foreigners, To confirm and verify- you are a good person who earns money legally and not using those money for bad purpose.
So I see no reason to worry about. It is more about record keeping and documentation thing/ compliance thing for Banks to do as per Bank international policy and government policy.
Don't pay a penny to bank, Just fill out the form, make sure it is in fact sent be the bank,,,,verify the address,,,,complete the form and do send them.
After that do start eating you leftover from dashain and start cooking sel ko roti and enjoy,cheers
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