Posted by: anaphylaxis September 30, 2017
नासिया (नेप्लिज एसोसिएसन इन साउथ ईस्ट अमेरिका) का मुर्ख महामानबहरुलाइ खुला पत्र
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Nobody is guilty in the eyes of laws until proven so. It sounds like the law enforcement came, inquired and left giving a clean cheat to Sushil. This girl had the choice of sitting in the lobby as many here have argued but she chose not to and that brings the question of her own intentions. She just defamed an innocent guy. I just hope that this Sushil guy does not let it go without a million dollar defamation lawsuit and she will get her ass whipped big time. It is just a ridiculous and preposterous to demean, defame and ruin somebody utilizing a social media with a little star power solely based on imaginatory allegations.
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