Posted by: paani_ma_paade_jasto September 27, 2017
नासिया (नेप्लिज एसोसिएसन इन साउथ ईस्ट अमेरिका) का मुर्ख महामानबहरुलाइ खुला पत्र
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If the guy is innocent, he is basically doomed. The defamation has tolled its peak. If the girl is actually a victim, she has definitely not got justice.
I have not watched the video, neither have I watched the interview. It seems to me that this all could have been avoided if the organization that the guy was affiliated with , had proper plan and transparency. If an organization brings an artist to perform, they should have proper plan in place like atleast having the room reserved, confirmation should be provided to all parties etc.

Despite , being at that position, that guy was not supposed to approach the girl the way he did ( assuming all that surfaced here is true). But the girl always had choice to deny every thing though. For me , it is not harassment. Everyone here has their own opinion, but for me, I do not think it can be categorized as sexual abuse , just a wrong way of approaching specially being at that position of organization. What I mean is , it would be totally fine if he had asked the girl to sleep with him after meeting her at bar. However, the girl had always an way out , there was no pressure for her to sleep with him .
So I don't think she is abused.
The guy is already kicked out of the organization, also came to know he had to change even his facebook name, and lots of threats came to him and his family which I don't think was necessary. As there are laws to punish anyone if they are found to be guilty. The girl got her voice heard by the public , so nowonwards, other can think carefully before making trip to unknown places without proper plan.

Instead of cursing and blaming each other , I would prefer to see civilized conversations, logical arguments and hear opinion from different perspective from variety of people among us .
And thanks to Kiddo and Balbhandra for the decent arguments.

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