Posted by: Balbhadra kunwar September 27, 2017
नासिया (नेप्लिज एसोसिएसन इन साउथ ईस्ट अमेरिका) का मुर्ख महामानबहरुलाइ खुला पत्र
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As long as he simply made the offer there is nothing wrong with it.
As far as the drink is concerned, there does not seem to be consistent statement about it. The guy said in the interview that he never offered her a drink. Who do you believe? She said he offered it to her in public so if she can bring some witness to corroborate her story then I would say it was bad but then we do not know if he knew she was not 21 when he first offered it to her.

Think about it this way to get a perspective. If a gay guy offered you a ride to hotel and said you can relax on the other side of the bed separated by a pillow. Wouldn't you simply say no thanks and take the couch? As long as the guy does not do anything to you, what is the issue? Ok maybe he's attracted to you but as long as he does not do anything - there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it.

In one hand we want to say we support women but we want to use a different measuring stick to judge people when women are involved. That is the old ancient mindset that still want to believe that women are weaker sex and they need your protection whether there is any danger or not. Sushil was not a danger.
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