Posted by: Khumbule September 22, 2017
काले लुटेरालाई गोलि ठोक्ने गोर्खाली जस्तो छ
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By watching the video of robbery murdered guy I felt I should say something. I have my own view in regards to the crime. Crime happens everywhere. Unfortunately, the guy got caught up. I do not blame US because a Nigger killed a Nepali in robbery attempt. Nepalese are getting killed in Nepal too. Some are run over by the Vehicle, or else. Criminals are every corner of the world. Everybody is capable of committing heinous crime like this. The fact is that most of them who involved in robbery cases are black people. I think its because majority of them are drug addicts. But as Vhootee's point of view, when it comes to black getting killed even s/he is an aggressor, the left media makes it as racial issue, and if other race are the victim, liberals don't give a damn. That is the existential fact.
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