Posted by: Raajj July 31, 2017
Ek jana sathi lai sapat deko firtai didaina vancha k garna milcha?
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@teroobau: I am still confused if to sue him or not. I am not much
worried about the money, but for what he said, specially the blatant lies
to exuse himself from paying me back. I could have just forgiven him for what he owe if he had told me that he didn't have money. But that excuse made me mad.

@pepsi: I don't know how he filed assylum, I have very limited information about that
and no proof to black my claim. I would rather not do that.

@YRA (Thuldai): I really appreciate your valuable inputs. That's what I have in my mind. I have already acknowledged it as the rent I paid, and in the end, as you said, it won't even matter.

@Crodiks: He will have to think twice to counter sue me, as he signed the reference document to the new apartment after I moved out agreeing that, I have paid all the dues, and I have no liability towards him. Even if he did, there is record of money deposited to his account from mine for each month.

@magorkhe1: I assume that's what I can do for my happy life. He lost a good friend. I never saw this coming from him. Valuable lesson learnt.

@Jahbless: Thank you for your support, it really doesn't matter. I had to post this because I was really hurt for his confession.

@sidaNepali: I would love to accept that, but for I really appreciate all of our Sajha member's suggestions and that is just enough to compensate my hurt feelings.

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