Posted by: Laalmon June 11, 2017
Help me solve this: Insurance incident
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Service road; posted speed limit 45; signal comes to red; two lanes and a marked shoulder. All incoming traffic comes to a halt for the red light, driver A gets into the service road from a shopping complex--first to the right lane and on their way to the left lane, having both the drivers on the right and left lane let them on to oncoming traffic. Lone behold driver B (traveling at 40+ mph coming to a red light) hits  car A (Car B had been traveling on shoulder, trying to pass other cars so Car B could stay a few cars ahead of on red light). Car B finally realizes there's already a car on that lane and they should move off there and in this process Car B hits Car A damaging pretty much all of the Car A's front bumper while Car B sustains only few scratches. Who's at fault?
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