Posted by: controversial April 29, 2017
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Heard he is doing excellent work in health but also heard he has tons of SUSARE spreading words of his good deeds, well that's typical Gagan we all knew. But my theory is He never can be that good because of his background - the way he established his political career from Tri Chandra. NO fan of Emalee or KP but when politician applies enemy of my enemy is my friend logic in disputed nationalism, HE IS a god damn DIRTY POLITICIAN. Old generation of tarai may have watched southern borders vigorously but go look at immigrant young people from tarai in facebook crowd after generous "born till 1989 citizenship" which is not still available to Nepalis in India , they worship Modi, India and spew hatred and are against what Nepal Nepali Stands for, This born to be dirty politcian thinks CK Raut and their friends are the defenders of border. Jesus holy cow, give me a break !!!

गगन थापा भन्छन्– सिके राउतसँग डराउनुपर्दैन, केपी ओलीबाट नेपाललाई खतरा छ

गगनको चेतावनीः एमालेको नक्कली राष्ट्रवादको मुकुण्डो जनताले देखाउँछन्

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