Posted by: Dravidra April 16, 2017
K garnu thik
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Depends on what is important for you right now. You know yourself and your situation more than we do. In this sunny day, I am sipping my tea in the comfort of my room and trying to suggest you what to do will surely not help me to know what is important for you. If the financial obligations are you priority than get a job or drive a Uber/lyft and save some pennies. If you have no loans back home, you are still able to pay your rent and other "bills" and if you still are not struggling for three meals a day - focus on career and education. You can earn billion dollar in Power Ball lottery but you will not ear Bachelor's or Master's degree in lottery. One has to work for it - feel the difference and act accordingly. There is no more or less wise decision here. Like I said in the beginning, it all depends on what is important for you now. Lord Pashupatinath Bless All !
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