Posted by: kalidasbhaisaab April 8, 2017
Career Change - Developer to Technical Manager
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@aasirbad - since a 10 year developer would seldom ask that question ..but no hard feelings...we are all learners here...sometimes it pays to be humble, I our friends here in sajha will make us humble...that's why we love coming here...

anyways..... I would think PMP would give you something to say to the new hiring manager...project manager trainings by desi consultancies is a jhoor-patas idea...I guess internet, linkedin forums and coursera are good enough as you are gonna have to pad your resume anyways....
(If I was a role model citizen, I would write role model proaly you and I started working in IT around the same time...and, like I, now you want a salary raise by working as a PM...sounds good to me...go get it done girl)
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