Posted by: magorkhe1 March 5, 2017
क-कसको के के बिक्यो ?
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साझामा नब आगन्तुक पाल्नु भएछ |यी नब आगन्तुकले मलाई नामी बनिया ठान्न पुगेछन  | यि  magorkhre1 बाट आफुलाई चिनारी गर्छ | 
I found this article.
Why Others Copies and Imitates You ? Here you can find some surprising reasons behind Why Others Copies and Imitates You. You may get irritated, because of this particular behavior exhibited by one of your friend, class mate or neighbor. There are some tips and ways to deal with Others Copies and Imitates You. Once you understood the reasons behind this act, you may feel surprised. So next time onward, when you feel other are acting and doing everything same of you, be proud of your self.

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